20″ Offroad Led Bars and some HIDs Shedding some Light on our Truck!

Now that she is all Plasti-dipped, lifted, and the wheels are sticking WAY out it’s time to light this beast up! We worked with Offroad Led Bars (Olb) on some LEDS and put together an HID light kit like these (Complete HID kits – hi beams, low beams, and fogs). We are extremely happy with the color and quality of our kit running the 8K (Iceberg Blue). Since our website has the blue accents we changed all interiors to blue LEDs and we wanted the HIDs to flow with that theme. You can’t believe how easy there are to install and how BRIGHT they are! Be prepared to aim them all down a bit, if you are lifted, or people will be very upset :)

avalanche, HIDs, lights, conversion, hi beam, low beam, fogs

Next up was a 20″ LED light bar by OffRoad Led Bars! These make the HIDs seem dim, absolutely amazing quality and BRIGHTNESS. Ours is the 20″ bar (Sold here) that comes with brackets and we also used the low priced wire harness (Sold Here). Once we removed the headlights, took off our added hardware, and 1 or 2 bolts the grill “popped” right off. (remember we added a pile of studs so yours won’t have all those extra holes and hardware to remove)

grill off

If you look closely in the picture above you will also see the brackets we “fabbed” up. It’s simply the cheap metal band from Fleet Farm with pre-drilled holes and we added a little primer and black paint. This stuff actually fits perfectly with the hardware that comes with the 20″ OffRoad LED Light bar and cut to the right length it bolted right to the radiator brace and rested on the inside of the front bumper. This made a nice rigid platform and got the light away from the radiator fins! Close up —->

custom bracket for light bar bumper


And since we had her all apart, you can see we quick shot some flat black paint on those white radiator supports and re-dipped our grill (out of the picture).

painted radiator supports

A couple bolts and some quick wiring to the battery and through the firewall grommet (for our LED light bar switch on the dash) and we had the 20″ Off Road LED light bar all set up on our Avalanche!!

20 inch led bar installed

Now with the flip of a switch we had the HIDs and the 20″ LED light bar cutting through the night. The following weekend at 2 am our truck was used to light up a side-hill water slide that was 150 yards away!! She’s bright!!

20 inch and hid lights


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  1. Thanks for the feedback I have a 2002 2wd that I plan on lifting soon… That’s why I asked about handling, i have two things to ask about now 1). Did you guys simply replace the original headlight bulbs with hids or did you use projector lenses with hids in them… Asking because I need to know of glare without projectors, I was told that it is dangerous for other drivers without projectors to properly house the brighter light but I saw in an earlier post you said something about aiming them down??? Love the in grill light bar concept but the roof lightbar much too much for little to no off-roading on my behalf… 2.) Can you post the link where you showed the truck riding on the highway love the rim selection plan to get the same if not similar. It wasn’t the video where the guy was in driver seat recording, it was truck on right side. I saw the video then completely forgot where, just know I never seen it again, you guys have a picture of it from the video in the final gallery I’m sure, or if you could post more to your YouTube that’d be greatly appreciated. Why have such an awesome truck and not display it :-/. Thanks for having a unique descriptive outlook for your av simply amazing… And sorry about the essay hard to communicate all the questions I have and have yet to have had answered.

  2. Where did you guys get the grill with bolts in it (not referring to side fender bolts but the front)… And also how does she ride on the highway say above 60 mph… is it shaky or noticeably different from stock? Much thanks in advance.

    • The bolts in the grill are also just bolts drilled in. They are stainless steel cap heads that where drilled and then inserted. Does that help? She rides perfect down the highway at all speeds!

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