Spacers & Adapters

Which do you need?
About Truck Spacers & Adapters

For over 20 years, Bora has offered custom built spacers and adapters for truck enthusiasts everywhere. Bora Spacers are hub centric, which just means they fit your existing wheel hub perfectly, and are made out of high strength, corrosion resistant aluminum (6061-T6 if you want to get technical). For that reason, Custom Offsets has teamed up with Bora and their lifetime warranty to offer you the highest quality wheel spacers made in the USA.

Spacers have a lot of uses, not only can they allow for a more aggressive truck stance, pushing the wheel outside of your fender, but also enhance your fitment options.

Adapters on the other hand are for helping you fit wheels with different bolt patterns while spacing out your stance. Not sure what you need? That’s okay, we have experts available to help you make the right decisions. Contact us here.

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