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Next up Lambo Exhaust tip, on an Avalanche!

So today we got the truck back from adding the rear wheel spacers 1.5″ added to the rear to get them flush with the fronts. Looks great, glad we decided to square everything up. We thought by having the same -44 offset all the way around we should be good but it seems the Rough […]


Facebook followers said drop the running boards, so we dropped the running boards!

We got a lot of feedback from our Facebook followers and the strongest message was that they don’t want the Custom Offsets truck to sport the stock running boards. Sooo, we ditched them! As you can imagine a 10 year old Wisconsin winter truck has plenty of rust on the undercarriage so we knew the […]


Fender and bumper trimming to fit 20×12 -44 wheels with 33×12.5 tires

So with our 6″ rough country lift the 33″x 12.5″ Federal Couragia tires hit pretty good on the front and rear corners on the front wheel housings. We are taking the old fashion, pull out a 4 1/2″ grinder and make the rubbing go away! We simply marked the fenders just inside the metal support […]


Renderings of the Custom Offsets Truck final look

Feel free to comment here or www.facebook.com/customoffsets and let us know what you think. We will build the rest of the truck in the next 6 weeks so now is your chance to influence it! This one puts the light bar up top, decal down low on the windshield, and no grill hardware.   This […]


Phase 1 complete – 20×12 -44 Fuel Driller 2Piece wheels, 33″ Federal Couragia M/Ts and 6″ Rough Country Lift

Truck turned out great. With the Rough Country 6″ lift we would like to push the rear tires out flush with the front tires, pretty typical, so we are adding 1.5″ spacers to the rear tires. COMING SOON! See all the pics and specs on our gallery page!! ┬áMORE TO COME stay tuned! Click here […]



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