50″ OffRoad LED Bars light bar added to our windshield

Next up was the infamous 50″ Off Road LED Light Bar! Again we worked with OffRoad LED Bars (Olb) and picked out this 50″ Light Bar. The light bar comes with killer Olb brackets that mount in the rain guards inside the tops of the door frames. Unfortunately the Custom Offsets truck lives in a 7′ high garage… and with a 6″ lift on 33s – there was no way we could fit this light on those brackets and fit in that garage!! Remember this pic from when we first got the lift?

5 - Copy

So once again it was time to get innovative and start thinking. Luckily we ran into Slammed Out Kustoms at a local show and remembered they did a lot of custom fab work. Using their new laser and lots of trial and error, the new Low Profile LED Light Bar bracket was born. Because it is roof mount (just like the old moon visors of the 90s) there was no added height. They were able to keep the entire low profile bracket and 50″ light bar about flush (give or take 1″) with the highest ridge on the roof! With a little Rhino Liner she was set for war!



low profile bracket

As you can see the mounting holes in the roof are actually smaller than the wiring hole and the screws go directly into the structural roof support on the 99-06 Chevy/GMC body style, ensuring it’s not going any where. Although we have not started mass producing these brackets we can have a custom set made for this body style, they are sold here Low Profile LED light bar mount for 50″ light bar.

We wired up the 50″ LED light bar to the same switch as the 20″ and ran the wire up the A-pillar and under the headliner so there are no visible wires.

wiring 50 inch light bar

Next things we knew we were lighting up the whole neighborhood with our Off Road LED light bars and HIDs!!

CO Truck Surreal 700







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  1. Can you wire all the light bars up to your high beams with another switch for if you don’t want them or would that be to much trouble

  2. Do you make mounts for 2002 xterra

  3. Any mounts for a 1990 bronco II?

  4. Do yall make a low profile mount like that for a 97 f150?

  5. Where did you guys come across those fender flares? Beautiful truck.

  6. is there any way I can get the same low profile mounts for a curved light bar?

  7. Where to find led curved light bar brackets for a 1990’s model chevy pickup?

  8. How do you wire a 50″ led bar on a silverado 1500 2012

    • there is a wire harness that can be purchased for an extra $10. Just run it down into the cad and run to a power source and mount the switch to a desired area and that’s pretty much it!

  9. Hey did you bolt right through the roof? Im building my own version of the hood mounts on a 2007 chevy Silverado and at the moment that’s the one question I have for the install. Rubber washers as well to prevent leaking or what would you suggest? That truck is BAD ASS.

  10. What color is the paint? I have an 03 avalanche with a 6 inch lift and 35s. I’ve been trying to find ideas for new mods I could do to it. Also was wiring in the roof light bar a pain or not?

    • The paint is actually Plasti Dip in flat black. It is a low cost rubberized paint you can peel off later – http://www.dipyourcar.com or look it up on http://www.YouTube.com. The light bar wiring was pretty easy, we came from battery through firewall, then up the driver’s side by the fuse box door and up the A-pillar and under the headliner. First time wiring to that extent and only had one issue with bending a clip on the A-pillar plastic.

  11. they do make those but I like the original look of yours. I’m getting some b*d*** Rims from American force. So I would like to make some bolts that would match my wheels and my hood. 6″ BDS suspension lift powder coated read. With all RBP upgrades and badging.That bolt package would look phenomenal on my pickup.

  12. I’m just guessing but you used a lock washer with the bolt and nut?

    • No, you can’t get at the back side so they are perfectly sized holes and the bolts are ‘threaded’ in. Personally I would be nervous drilling into a 6 year old truck… ours is a 2003 so it felt okay :). Don’t they make pocket fender flares for yours? They refuse to for the cladded Avalanches so we took the look into our own hands.

  13. Man I think they look really awesome. Do you think that same look would be appealing on the white z71 07 avalanche?

  14. I have an 07 avalanche and would like to do the same bolt on my fenders. Where would I find something like this?

    • They are 1 1/2″ steel bolts that are 2″ length from the local hardware store. We drilled holes in all of the fenders and threaded in the bolts. Often the bolts had to be hacksawed in half as they were too long… takes a lot of time and it’s pretty forever haha.

  15. Love that last photo

  16. W I C K E D ! ! !

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