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Like many of you we are custom ride and custom wheel fanatics.

"Since I bought my first car at 16 years old, I have been scraping up every nickel to put the best wheels on my ride. Whether it was my 1991 Chevy S10 with American Racing Hammer wheels or my Cadillac CTS fitted with Vossen VVS CV3 metallic graphite 20x10s. I have always believed that the personality of a car or truck lived in the fitment and stance created by a perfect fitting wheel.

"Quickly, I learned that there was no one place to find wheel offset information. Through a lifetime of reading forums and spec pages, I have finally come to understand offset measurement and backspacing of wheels. Trouble is, even knowing the numbers doesn’t tell you how a 20×10 wheel with a +25 ET will look on the rear of a 2009 Cadillac CTS sedan with AWD, let alone if you can run staggered and what is the largest you can cram on the front without trimming the plastic or rolling the fenders on your precious Caddy!"

- Shawn Chartier, President and Founder

So how do you find the answer to this problem?

Search 10,000 forums and read page after page of discussion threads and by some miracle you just might put the right keywords in and find the ride you drive matched with the stance you want. By the grace of God you may even be able to get the owner to share the wheel and tire specs so you can figure out which offset to order for your next set of wheels…

In just seconds, you can search our gallery and see exactly how your ride can look. No other website allows you to search by vehicle and wheel spec to see an extensive collection of photos of rides with all the meaty details of offsets, diameter, width and tire specs.

Our site is the “for us by us” of custom wheels and custom offsets!

Our Keys to Success

Our Mission

Our Team will live and breathe custom vehicles and wheel fitment, by being passionate leaders in the custom car and truck culture. This will never be a JOB. We will inspire each other, we will live the enthusiasts lifestyle.

Core Values

Be willing to teach.
Be willing to learn.
Appreciate and Celebrate.
Show respect, No secrets.
Be your biggest fan!

Our Vision

Lead the wheel fitment revolution on a bad ass LIFE journey!

The Builder: The Build, Passion, Story

Employee Garage

Shawn / CEO/President/Owner
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Shawn is the CEO and Founder of Custom Offsets, and serial entrepreneur in training. After getting frustrated with the lack of information and pics in the forum world, in 2012 he and Ben launched CustomOffsets.com. Their mission, to make it super easy for people to know what fits using info and pictures from other members in the gallery. Starting out in Shawn's garage, he and the team have grown Custom Offsets to be the largest online truck wheel/tire package company in the world! Shawn has been obsessed with custom wheels his whole life, his father always called him 'the wheel man'. Shawn has owned approximately 45 vehicles and the first 20 didn't TOTAL $10k, but they mostly had wheels worth double that! In his free time Shawn spends time with his son and beautiful wife, hunts, fishes, and loves attending car and truck shows BUT he mostly just works.

Ben / CTO/Owner

Ben is an entrepreneur and code ninja who built the website from the ground up for Shawn's dream to have a wheel fitment gallery which evolved into Custom Offsets. When he isn't crushing code, he's spending time with his wife and family, listening to podcasts and books, sprinting during Ultimate Frisbee, or pwning noobs in Starcraft.

Jon / Customer Service
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Jon was our first paid employee at Custom Offsets and also the CEO and Founder of Black Label Lighting. He has been around since the garage days of Custom Offsets and was the first to quit his full-time job to join his cousin Shawn on his vision of starting the wheel fitment revolution! He has had some part in or done most of the duties that have made CO is what it is today. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, and just enjoying life!

Well, Justin doesn't technically work here... but he makes ALL the Custom Offsets 24" Decals you see on trucks all over the place, so we felt he was deserving of a spot. Justin has also been with us from day one and is a key member of our team.

'Banker' is our lift kit install specialist. He spends most of his day turning wrenches in the garage, but when there is some downtime, you can find him harassing the Media Team. Outside of work, Banker spends his weekends on the water, boating, wakeboarding, and pulling Fuller on his slalom ski. Since Banker is 'too busy' to write his own bio, we think it's important to note he also loves holding hands and long walks on the beach.

Emily / Event Director

Emily is our event director. She plans all the crazy endeavors the team goes on including truck and car shows. She's a Pitbull advocate, nature lover, and Shawn's better half. When she grows up she wants to be an island beach bum or mermaid, whatever comes first.

Mandy / Office Manager

Mandy works as our Office Manager who wears many different hats. Those different hats include Customer Service, Payroll, Human Resources, Safety, and Mom, whichever one is needed in any given situation. When Mandy is not at work you can find her watching her son play baseball.

Jarrod / Marketing Lead
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"Junior" is a videographer and editor who started at Custom Offsets with the conception of Custom Offsets TV. He now leads Custom Offsets Media in coordinating all of the videos published as well as directing and producing major video projects for the company. When he isn't doing video work for CO, he is spending weekends shooting vehicles and films & pictures for friends or working on his bagged G35 or custom built drift trike.

Jayke / Installer

Jayke is a fabricator, entrepreneur, and well-rounded craftsman. When he's not lifting trucks for Custom Offsets, he's slamming them at his personal shop. He enjoys spending time with his Children, girlfriend, and family. A hard-working artist at heart, he is always pushing for perfection.

Kirk / Customer Service Lead
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Kirk is our Customer Service and Warehouse Lead who started here at Custom Offsets back when we were packing boxes in Shawn's garage. Some of us think he takes his job a little too serious and works a little too much, but hey, our customers sure don't think so! When he isn't replying to emails here at Custom Offsets, he spends his time at home... still replying to emails.

Parker (We call him Fuller) is a videographer, photographer, and overall media-guru who has been following Custom Offsets since the beginning when it was just a dream in a garage. His main projects include Dream Job, Sh*t I Never Knew, and helping with other random projects as they come up. In his free time, you can find Parker ripping up the river on his jet ski, tearing up the track in his race car or, adventuring somewhere random with just a backpack, tent, and camera.

Brian / Social Media Representative
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'Rainey' got banned from just about every Facebook page and forum out there, so we thought it would be perfect to hire him to respond to all of our social media comments. He responds to anywhere from 300-500 messages and comments every day and keeps us updated on the hot social media trends going on the internet. When he's not being a keyboard warrior, he's trying to fix his broken Lexus that got hung up on a leaf.

Kevin / Graphic Design
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Kevin (aka Kdogg) is an entrepreneur at heart. Being skilled as a brand developer, content creator, graphic designer, and photographer, there is no task too big for him to accomplish with all of the brands that fall under the Custom Offsets' name. Having started a few brands as far back as 2007, Kevin has taught himself everything he knows. Outside of work, he enjoys time with his family and friends, and increasing his faith with the ultimate creator...God.

Charlie / Customer Service

'@that_mini_car' works customer service for Custom Offsets and Fitment Ind He has been with Custom Offsets for just over a year now. His free time involves anything with an engine and you can find him at a lot of car shows. He enjoys nothing but working on his car and traveling and you can follow him on Instagram with the username @that_mini_car

Zach / Web Developer

Zach (Nicknamed Homeschool) is a Web Engineer, and is mainly responsible for creating, testing, and deploying new parts of the website, as well as maintaining the current site. We aren't sure what he does, but he says he writes code. He enjoys going to the shows with the team and telling jokes that no one finds funny. Outside of work, he enjoys remodeling his fixer-upper house, having campfires too large for the city, and finding cool things to jump his RC truck over.

Erik / Warehouse Specialist

Erik (Smokey) Operates the warehouse at Custom Offsets. When he is not here at the shop, he is at his home hanging out with his friends and family, playing video games, and relaxing. He also drives a 2012 Mazdaspeed 3.

Mason / Videographer
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Mason is a truck enthusiast at heart who produces epic videos for Custom Offsets. He's a southern boy who talks a bit funny, but we don't care. He was brave enough to make the move from South Carolina up to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin to start his career as a full-time videographer. When not working, Mason is replacing ball joints in his big-a$$ Avalanche.

Alex / Fitment Industries Lead
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Alex is the Fitment Ind Division Lead & an avid entrepreneur. He spends his days reaching out to brands, producing videos, managing content, and drinking coffee. He helps Fitment Ind with anything and everything automotive related. When he's not writing massive emails, he enjoys spending time on photography and orchestrating automotive events in Wisconsin through the club he operates: Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club.

Mario / Videographer

Mario is one of the videographers for Fitment Ind and does tons of cinematic edits, vlogging, and shoots the ever popular 'Wheel History' videos going viral on Facebook. At Mario's house, you'll find sombreros, leftover tacos, and his Blue Scion TC on gold wheels.

Andy / Videographer

'DJ- AMANN' is our resident DJ and Fitment Ind video lead! You'll also find him on screen doing vehicle spotlights, wheel talks, and matchups. AMann is definitely a Euro guy deep down. After recently selling his heavily modified VW Jetta, he picked up a brand new VW All-Track with plans for bags, 3 piece wheels, and plenty of other work.

Tommy / Director of Operations

Tommy is in charge of running all business facets Offsets Garage. Responsibilities include marketing, exceeding customer expectations, sales, operational procedures, accounting, implementing new revenue streams, overall profitability, and basically being awesome. When Tommy is not at Offsets Garage, you can find him spending time with his family of 4 children and wife, writing/producing music, shooting guns, and working on the 'honey-do lists' around the house.

Brad / Customer Service

"B-Rad mud truck" is our local suspension expert/ LS swap enthusiast. B-Rad spends his time at CO answering suspension and lift kit questions, filling orders, and also working in the shop when forced to do so. Outside of work, he spends his time wheeling in his LS-powered 83 Chevy K10, as well as working on any other projects he may have going on at the time, usually pertaining to an LS swap.

Jeremy / Campaign Manager

Jeremy (AKA Jerry) is a graphic designer and campaign manager. Every month he's responsible for making sure every campaign Custom Offsets does is ready to roll and their live giveaways go on without a hitch. When he's not at Custom Offsets crushing promotions, you can find him at the bowling alley shooting for 300's, hanging out at the local dirt tracks, or sending it on the weekends with his friends.

Bernardo / Videographer

Bernardo (Bruno) is a Video Editor and Photographer who recently joined the team early this season. He shoots and edits Reinventing the wheel, Hot n New, and Match-Up. On the side, you will find Bernardo strumming his guitars, sizzling recipes in his kitchen, backpacking with friends, or jamming on stage.

Cody / Videographer

Cody is a videographer, photographer, and one of the newer members of the media team here at Custom Offsets. Before taking his dream job as a videographer with Custom Offsets, Cody ran his own Youtube channel which has grown to over 10,000 subscribers. Cody films and edits series such as Sh*t I Never Knew and Lifts & Levels, as well as trying to help others. When Cody isn't working, he enjoys tearing up the streets on his motorcycle with friends, taking a cruise in his 350z, or just relaxing with friends doing whatever.

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