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Why we exist and how we ride.

Like many of you we are custom car and custom wheel fanatics.

“We would rather walk than ride stock.”

Since I bought my first car at 16 years old I have been scraping up every nickel to put the best wheels I could afford on my ride. Whether it was my 1991 Chevy S10 with American Racing Hammer wheels or my Cadillac CTS fitted with Vossen VVS CV3 metallic graphite 20x10s. I have always believed that the personality of a car or truck lived in the fitment and stance created by a perfect fitting wheel.

Each vehicle I became more concerned with how flush I could get on my cars and how aggressive I could make my trucks look. Quickly I learned that there was no one place to find wheel offset information. Through a lifetime of reading forums and spec pages on some of my favorite custom wheel sites, I have finally come to understand offset measurement and backspacing of wheels, trouble is even knowing the numbers doesn’t mean you know how a 20×10 wheel with a +25 ET will look on the rear of a 2009 Cadillac CTS sedan with AWD, let alone if you can run staggered and what is the largest you can cram on the front without trimming the plastic or rolling the fenders on your precious Caddy!

So how do you find the answer to this story problem? Search 10,000 forums and read page after page of discussion threads and by some miracle you just might put the right keywords in and find the car you drive matched with the stance you want. By the grace of God you may even be able to get the owner to share the wheel and tire specs so you can figure out which offset to order for your next set of wheels…

The birth of CustomOffsets.com

Our site is the “for us by us” of custom wheels and custom offsets! No other site on the world-wide-web allows you to search by vehicle and wheel spec to see an extensive collection of pics of rides with all the meaty details of offsets, diameter, width and tire specs. In just seconds you can search our gallery and see exactly how your ride can look.


You can search CustomOffsets.com by either looking up your vehicle, and seeing how others have customized their rides, or by putting in a wheel size and offset and seeing how different makes, models or body-styles look with those dimensions. By offering both search functions we can help stretch your imagination by seeing how some Chevy guy got super aggressive and you can just imagine how your Ford could look with 37″ tires that jam out of the wheel wells 4″ on all 4 corners.


Not sure you know the make of the vehicle or the wheel size or offset you are interested in. Just browse our complete gallery by vehicle type (such as pickup) and “dream” about your next custom build. Find a ride you like- click on it to see more photos of it at different angles, see specs of wheel offset, tire specs and suspension upgrades.


By filling in as much information as you can, you will be helping yourself and others. By filling you an offset profile for each of your vehicles you can always return to get the specs from your own vehicles. In the meantime you can help others that are looking for that perfect flush look or aggressive stance through your custom wheel offsets and other specs.

Our Rides.

Char T A’s 2009 Cadillac CTS AWD Sedan with 20″ Vossen VVS CV3

The Custom Offsets 2003 Chevy Avalanche with 20×12 -44 Fuel Drillers and 33″ Federal Couragias

CO truck 1238




44 Responses

  1. Can these rims get installed anywhere for free?

  2. I just orderd a 7′ sticker in red and when i got the billing information i realised is put the wrong addres. Is there a way to fix it?

  3. Love the website.
    Do yall actually install lifts and wheel/tires on peoples vehichles for them?

  4. How long will it take for a set of rims to come in. I live in louisiana?

  5. Do you offer any kind of road hazard warranty on your tires?

  6. How long does it usually take for a set of wheels and tires to be delivered?

  7. You guys rock! Ordered my Rims and wheels, cant wit to post the pics!

  8. hey guys i just ordered rim and tires from yall but gave yall the wrong email adress so as a result i have not recieved a confirmation email or anything what do i need to do to fix my mistake

  9. Want this in black and I want 2 of them can it be done?

  10. Do you have a 35×1250 22 bogger if so can I get a price on the hostile wheel 22×14 and those tires ..thanks

  11. 2 extra large shirts 478 Brazey Rd Monticello Georgia 31064

  12. I ordered some led headlights from you guys a few months ago and im having problems with them flickering and cutting off i didnt know if you all could help me out

  13. Do the rims come with hub centric rings or do you have to buy those separately

  14. I recently bought a complete kit with light bar, mounts and wiring harness for my 2007 Dodge 2500. The mounts seems like they are the wrong size mounts for my truck. I dry fitted the mounts and light be to my truck and the mounts will not fit in between the door and cab.

  15. Yes I ordered some headlights for my ford f150 lastnight and was wondering when id get the email saying they where shipped

    • James, please allow 1-3 days to process the order. We will send tracking via email as soon as they ship!

  16. Is their any way I can get the CO 6 inch sticker in gray?

  17. I need to order rims for jeep rubicon for my boss. because it is for my boss I need to confirm a few measurments and verify correct rim. if you could respond would like to place order ASAP

  18. I just bought a 2011 cadillac sts and I want more. I’m not satisfied with the stock look. I love this car and want to love it more. I’m thinking rims, grill, and maybe even body kit. Please send me some info or pics that I can look through.

    • We don’t have any pics of newer style STS setups. However we can definitely help you pick out some killer wheels. Email us at sales@customoffsets.com and let us know year, make, model (AWD or Rear) and the size and color of rim you are thinking and we will get some options to you.

  19. Hey can I add another pic to my gallery. The Black infiniti M35 on Vossen CV3’s

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