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Best In-Stock Wheels

August 20, 2021

It’s no shocker that some people’s favorite foods or household products are really hard to get a hold of these days. The world has been crazy, and with that comes a lack of inventory. That, and sometimes a long wait time because of backorders. Honestly, we’re experiencing a few issues trying to get our hands on certain wheel, tire, and suspensions brands. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a ton of badass wheels, tires, suspension products, and performance parts flooding our warehouse calling your name. So if you’re looking to make an upgrade, check out our favorite in-stock wheels.


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2018 ford f150 ballistic wheels

Are the Anthem Off-Road Liberty Wheels Any Good?

The first wheel that made our list of favorites is the Anthem Off-Road Liberty. These 12-spoke wheels feature a concave design and are offered in either gloss black or satin black finishes. It’s a one-piece, alloy wheel that has an Anthem logo on the face of the wheels. It’s got a classic, clean look that will undoubtedly elevate your build. 


2020 chevy silverado 1500 anthem offroad liberty wheels

You can snag these wheels in a wide variety of sizes and varying levels of concavity. The Liberty comes in diameter options of either 17”, 18”, or 20” so that you can fit some chunky tires if you’d like. Plus, these wheels are American-strong, so don’t have to handle them with care. They can take the abuse. When it comes to pricing, the Liberty starts as low as $950 for a set of 17x8.5s. 


2019 ram 1500 anthem offroad liberty wheels

Are the TIS 544BM Wheels Any Good?

For over 20 years, TIS has been pushing boundaries with its wheel designs. The TIS 544BM wheels are one of their most popular wheels to date, here’s why. The 544BM looks flawless on all trucks whether you’re looking for a stance-type build or you’re getting ready to rip around off-road. It’s an 8-spoke directional design with a beautiful black milled finish which will complement any color of truck. 


2021 ford f350 super duty TIS 544bm wheels

The 544BM features exposed lugs and a TIS-branded center cap along with the most popular bolt patterns for virtually any build. You won’t have to worry about finding the right size of this wheel, as it’s offered in a wide range of diameters from 16” to 26” and offset options ranging from -198mm to +127mm. So if you’re trying to achieve that deep-dish look with your build’s wheels, this wheel delivers that. These wheels are a little pricier, starting at $1,627. Keep in mind, these are some pretty high-quality wheels, so you get what you pay for.


2018 ford f150 TIS 544bm wheels


Are the ARKON OFF-ROAD DaVinci Wheels Any Good?

If you’re looking for the perfect show wheels, ARKON OFF-ROAD never disappoints. With their wide variety of finish options, sizes, and forged-like wheels for a cast wheel price, it’s an obvious choice. The ARKON OFF-ROAD DaVinci is a clean 8-spoke, one-piece alloy wheel. The DaVinci is offered in the most popular bolt patterns and finish options like chrome and gloss black. 


2019 toyota tundra arkon off-road davinci wheels

The best part about this wheel is that it’s Proper Directional. This means, no matter which side you look from, the wheels will be “tipping” in the same direction. This adds a clean, seamless flow to your build’s look that you couldn’t achieve otherwise. 

2014 chevy silverado 1500 arkon off-road davinci wheels

This wheel is available in some big sizes, including diameters that range up to 26” and widths up to 14”. If you’re looking for some added aggressiveness, you can snag these wheels with a -81mm offset. When it comes to pricing, the DaVinci starts out at $1,400. Like we mentioned before, wheels from ARKON OFF-ROAD deliver that elite, forged-quality look and durability. So the fact that you can pick these up for this price is a pretty great deal. 


2021 GMC sierra 1500 arkon off-road davinci wheels

Are the Fuel Maverick Wheels Any Good?

If you’re looking for a wheel that can help you enhance your daily driver or show build alike, the Fuel Maverick wheels were designed to deliver durability and looks. This straight 8-spoke wheel is made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that’s both strong and light at the same time. Fuel is confident in the Maverick’s strength, offering a limited Lifetime Structural warranty. 


2014 ford f150 fuel maverick wheels

The Maverick has mill-machined bolt-head accents around the lip and a Fuel-branded center cap. It’s available in finish options of gloss black with milled spoke edges, black with milled spoke windows and lip accents, black with machined spoke faces and milled lip accents. 

2016 ford f150 fuel maverick wheels

When it comes to sizing and pricing, the Maverick comes in a wide range of diameters including 16” to 24”, and they start off around $840 per set. 


2008 dodge ram 1500 fuel maverick wheels


Are the Hardrock Slammer Xposed Wheels Any Good?

If you’re looking for a wheel that can handle extreme conditions and deliver extreme looks while doing it, the Hardrock Slammer Xposed wheels may be right what you need. This 8-spoke design features split spokes that help alleviate impact and directional stress. They’re made from durable cast construction and have a rust-resistant finish to top it off.


hardrock slammer xposed wheels

These wheels have the power to turn your build into a showstopper, being made from premium quality materials and with advanced manufacturing technology. You can pick these bad boys up in finish options of either chrome or gloss black with milled spoke windows and lip accents. 

2018 ford f150 hardrock slammer xposed wheels

In terms of sizes, they’re available in diameters ranging from 20” to 24” and widths ranging from 9” to 14”. Offset options for this wheel include -44mm, -19mm, and 0mm. When it comes to the price, the Slammer Xposed wheels can be picked up starting at $1,252 per set. 


2018 ford f150 hardrock slammer xposed wheels

Why Should I Get My Wheels From Custom Offsets?

If you’re ready to upgrade the wheels on your build, we’ve got you covered with a ton of badass options. You don’t have to settle for anything with our wide variety of in-stock wheels. Plus, when you decide to bundle your wheels and tires into a package, you’ll receive a package-rate discount and earn free mounting, balancing, and shipping.

2019 toyota tundra hardrock slammer xposed wheels

Plus, our quick delivery could have your wheels at your doorstep in as little as 7 days, so you don’t have to worry about rocking stock wheels any longer. We know how exciting it can be to get the build process going, so our partnership with Affirm allows you to finance your wheels and make easy monthly payments. And for those who qualify, you could get as low as 0% APR financing. Sounds like a sweet deal, don’t you think?


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