Top 5 Cheapest Truck Wheel and Tire Packages For 2022

April 20, 2022

What's going on everyone? Today, we'll be taking you through our five most affordable wheel and tire packages you can get on our site, as well as a quick little discussion about each - one thing you might not know about us is when you package wheels and tires together, you get a better price than you otherwise would buying each individually.

We always throw in free shipping, a lot of our packages are available with quick delivery, and the mounting and balancing are free as well - with that said, we've got five awesome options for your build below, so let's jump into each today.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with Panther Offroad 580 wheels and Venom Power Terra Hunter Tires

Panther Off-Road 580 and Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

Leading off is the Panther Off-Road 580, paired with a good set of Venom Power Terra Hunters. This package includes Gloss Black 18x9 -12 for the wheels, and the Venom Powers will be 33/12.5R18.

When you look at the wheel, it's a really simple multi-spoke design with a covered center cap, coming dual-drilled to give you an even lower price point. You can snatch up a new set of Panther 580s for less than 800 bucks, which is pretty unheard of for brand new wheels. The Venom Power Terra Hunter XT, meanwhile, has a very similar tread pattern that you'll see on other tires on the market, and it's a decent tire for a really affordable price - again, a set of tires will be under $1000.

Total Package Price: $1759

Shop the Panther Off-Road 580 and Venom Power Terra Hunter Here!

2019 Ford F-150 with Method MR305 wheels and Venom Power Terra Hunter Tires

Method MR305 and Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

If you're looking for more of an off-road package, we also have the Method MR305 available in a sick Matte Red finish, which is super unique and very exclusive - our featured one is an 18x9 with a -12 offset, complete with a simulated black Beadlock ring around the outside.

Again, we've got Venom Powers on this wheel/tire package, this time in a 35-inch height. You'll still have a very aggressive setup here - it's nothing small with 35-inch tires on 18-inch wheels, and Method obviously is a name brand you've probably heard of before. They've been involved in the racing scene for a long time and make quality lightweight wheels that can fit on any build.

Obviously, the Terra Hunter is the same tire we talked about above, so you'll still get great mileage out of them, the tread pattern is legit, they look sharp, and most importantly, they last a long time. These are 35-inch tires but if you don't have the suspension on your truck to run them, you can bump them down to 33 inches if you want with no problem.

Total Price: $2400

Shop the Method MR305 Here! 

2021 Toyota 4Runner with Hardrock Crusher wheels and Radar Renegade tires

Hardrock Crusher and Radar Renegade R/T

Next up on the docket is the Hardrock Crusher - this one in particular comes in Gloss Black with milled spoke windows, available in 20x10 with a -19mm offset. We're getting a little bit bigger with the sizes here, as 20x10 is a very respectable size for most builds - you can use this for a leveled truck or with lifts ranging up to 4 inches high. It's also a really good size to go with because we've still got some stance, but they're not sticking too far out of the wheel well or, inversely, aren't tucked too much either.

For the tire, we're switching things up and going with the Radar Renegade R/T - this is another hybrid tire available in 33/12.5R20 with a load range of E. If you're worried about towing or you have a three-quarter-ton truck, you'll be fine with an E load range in about 90% of situations.

Hardrock's been around for quite a while now, and the Crusher is one of its top-selling designs - it's a directional-styled wheel, not true directional (you'll always have one side digging and one side swooping), but it looks good in any situation. We really like this wheel - it's got a pretty solid covered center cap and some nice rivet styling around the lip too, making it perfect for the look you're going for.

Total Price: $2,383

Shop the Hardrock Crusher and Radar Renegade Here!

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with Arkon Lincoln wheels and Radar Renegade tires

ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln and Radar Renegade R/T

We've talked about the Lincoln probably a million times before, but it warrants it - we're looking at some big sizes here, this one being 22x12 -51, which means that you'll have a lot of stance when you set this one up on your truck. We're pairing this with the same 33-inch Radar Renegade RT tires - 22x12 and 33-inch tires is a solid look, and they've only been growing in popularity in recent years.

On the Lincoln, you'll have a true directional wheel, so depending on how you install it, you can either have them digging or swooping, whatever your personal preference is. In a True Directional setup, both sides face the same direction, which isn't usually what you'll find in a cast wheel lineup - that's generally reserved for pricier forged stuff.

Total Price: $2800

Shop the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln Here!

2020 GMC Sierra 1500 with Ballistic Rage wheels and Venom Power Terra Hunter tires

Ballistic Rage and Venom Power Terra Hunter

The final package we're looking at here is a 20x10 Ballistic Rage - again, this is a super popular wheel that goes out there and competes well with some of the best designs from Moto Metal. It has a thick, chunky spoke with some additional accent pieces, so if you've got some chrome on your truck, the Rage can work with it perfectly. It's a very rugged-looking wheel with the straight spokes, and Ballistic does a good job of giving you a pretty huge lip in between the spokes as well.

Again for the tires is the Venom Power - it's one of those brands we're able to give really good deals on, right off the bat. Add these both together and we're sure you'll be blown away by the price, but individually, the wheels are priced at only around $1300 and the tires will go for about another thousand.

Total Price: $2300

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2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty with Ballistic Rage wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

Bonus: Ballistic Rage and Nitto Ridge Grappler

If you went with the Ballistic Rage but don't want to go with the Venom Power tire, we've also got probably the most highly-regarded tire in the business, in stock - the Nitto Ridge Grappler. The Ridge Grappler is a hybrid tire cross between all-terrain and mud-terrain, and we have plenty of them available right now in every size you could want. Always be sure to get the best tire you can for the money, because it's the only thing connecting your truck to the pavement - the Ridge Grappler is priced at around $1700 for a set, which is worth every penny.

Total Price: $3100

Shop the Nitto Ridge Grappler Here!

Shop Wheel and Tire Packages at Custom Offsets

These were just a few of the best and most affordable wheel and tire packages we offer, but of course, we want to help you save no matter what you pick. Package your wheels and tires together and add to the cart, and we'll get you set up with savings you'll love, guaranteed. Check them all out on our website and let us know which one is your favorite!

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