Top 5 Truck Wheels Between 9 and 16 Inches Wide

April 26, 2022

What Are the Best Wide Truck Wheels?

What's going on everyone? Show truck season is coming up on us pretty quick, so if you've been looking for a new set of wheels to get your build looking on point, we've combed through our site to show you some of our favorites in the wider sizes that you're craving to really bring out that stance.

We'll be showcasing everything from your 20x9s that can fit on just about every stock truck, all the way up to some massive 26x14s that look absolutely killer on show trucks with 10-inch lifts. Without further ado, here are our top five wheels fitting between 9 and 16 inches in width - they're all available in our inventory, and as always, we're happy to help you get set up with the perfect set of tires to match. Things to Keep In Mind When Upgrading Wheel Sizes

Just for reference before we begin - depending on how wide you go with the wheels, this also affects how tall of a tire you can run. For example, if you've got a nine wide with a zero offset you might be able to tuck 35s on your truck, but if you go to 14 wide, you'll have to run some 33s to still be able to turn with the same truck.

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TIS 561B truck wheel in Gloss Black finish

Design and Performance Features of the TIS 561B (Size: 26x14)

Kicking things off, we're looking at the 26x14 TIS 561B with a -76mm offset. This wheel borrows some styling from other wheels in the TIS lineup, but it's still unique enough to set you apart from everyone else who bought the 544 three years ago.

They call the 561 a 10 spoke, but it looks like way more than that with the split Y-Spoke design and sharp angled spokes - this wheel is available in both six lug and eight lug configurations, with exposed lug holes so you can run spiked lug nuts if you want.

If plain black isn't your thing, you can always get the TIS 561B with a Machined face and Red accents, and they even have a Red with Milled accents. All these colors still have the TIS Off-Road script milled into the lip, but it's really subtle on the black ones. As far as price goes, these are right around three thousand dollars.

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ARKON Off-Road DaVinci truck wheel in Chrome

Design and Performance Features of the ARKON OFF-ROAD DaVinci (Size: 22x12)

Moving down a bit in size, we're going to look at the 22x12 ARKON DaVinci, one of our favorites from our Signature ARKON OFF-ROAD brand. The DaVinci offers a super clean design that's a total opposite of the last wheel we took a look at - this one has very thin spokes, clean lines, and proper directional design, a rare sight in the Cast wheel world. It's available in Black and Chrome - we'll say that Chrome probably looks better of the two, but the choice is yours.

This 12-wide ARKON wheel also has a -51mm offset, which is a bit more than standard - this gives you a bit more poke for a more aggressive stance, and a massive lip that looks almost endless between the spokes. So, whether you wrap these with giant mud tires or you put street tires on them, you can make them work with both styles.

The price point on the ARKON DaVinci comes right in at around $1800, so they're a solid value for the money no matter what, especially now.

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Moto Metal MO970 truck wheel in Satin Black

Design and Performance Features of the Moto Metal MO970 (Size: 20x12)

Next up on the list is the classic styled 20x12 Moto Metal MO970 - we say "classic" because when we first launched Custom Offsets, 20x12 was a pretty big show size; as the years went on, 20x12 became the new normal. The MO970 isn't new, but still makes most of the "best of" lists because it continues to be one of the best selling wheels out there, especially in 20x12 sizing.

The biggest reason for this is, simply, that the Moto Metal MO970 offers a simple style that works with literally any type of build. Plus, Moto Metal offers a lot of finish options that you can get this wheel in - Black, Black and Milled, Black and Gray, and Black and Machined. You can get them in five-lug, six-lug, and eight-lug, so Jeeps, Rangers, full-size trucks, and heavy-duty trucks all have options.

For all that, the price point on these is $1400, and it does depend on what finish you go with and what bolt pattern you select, but that's the ballpark so you know what to expect when you begin your search.

2019 Toyota Tundra with ARKON Off-Road DaVinci wheels

Can You Put Bigger Wheels and Tires On A Leveled Truck Setup?

When we get to these 20x12 wheels, we start getting down to sizes where, if you ran a 20x12 wheel together with a 33/12.5-inch tires, you can probably stuff them on a truck that's leveled if you want to do some major trimming, or put them on a smaller (around 3 or 4 inches) lift.

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We do want to throw out the disclaimer, though, that you probably can't level your truck and expect to fit 12 wides and 33s - don't be silly. Use the tools on our site to find the right fitment for you so you can still turn and drive your truck after the wheels are bolted on.

Anthem Off-Road Avenger truck wheel in Satin Black

Design and Performance Features of the Anthem Off-Road Avenger (Size: 20x10)

Next up on the list are 20x10s, and there are approximately 10 million options here, but we've gotta go with the Anthem Avenger. The 20x10 Avenger wheels come with a -18mm offset, so you get a nice stance without having to worry about installing much more than a leveling kit.

The Avenger lends more towards an off-road style, but still has show-quality paint finish with options in Gloss Black and Milled, as well as Satin Black. A unique thing with Anthem is that on most of their wheel styles, the wheels are actually manufactured without a bolt pattern drilled in - why that's important is if you have a truck with an uncommon pattern, you can still get wheels to fit.

By "you," we of course mean us, because we don't want to see you trying to drill a bolt pattern into your wheels in your driveway - let us handle it! We've got the equipment and can make it happen for you for around $1400-1500 for a set of four.

TIS 556AB truck wheel in Anthracite

Design and Performance Features of the TIS 556 (Size: 20x9)

Once we get down into the smaller 20x9 sizes, there'll be some options that will work really well for trucks running stock suspension. Although TIS is known more for their big wheels, they do have a decent selection of offerings in the smaller sizes too. Here, we're looking at the 20x9 +1 556, which is not a rifle.

The 556 is available in two finishes that are the inverse of each other, so either Black with a Gray ring or Gray with a Black ring. We really dig how flat the center cap is on these - it doesn't stick out or look big and gaudy, which is really nice. The ring around the wheel has some pretty intricate details that give it an aggressive style, which would look really nice on an off-road style build, but we can also see this one looking really rugged on a RAM 2500 or Ford F-250.

Bolt patterns change depending on what size you go with, but the TIS 556 still offers plenty of availability for all the most popular makes and models out there - since they're new, there's some exclusivity to these that comes with a price tag of $1700 for the 20x9s. This is a little steeper than some competitors, but for that money, you're getting a brand wheel that no one else has. Worth it.

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Shop Wider Wheels For Your Truck At Custom Offsets

Of course, you're more than welcome to check out our inventory of all available truck wheels in the size you're looking for - shop online today and let us know if we can help you in any way. We're stoked to be able to help you find the perfect fitment for your setup.

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