Easiest Truck Mods That You Can Do On A Budget

May 31, 2022

Tips For Upgrading Your Truck's Appearance Without Doing Serious Modifications

If you've always dreamed of having a badass-looking truck but never knew where to start, then worried about spending your hard-earned money in the wrong places, this is the piece for you. Today, we'll show you how easy it is to completely transform the look of your entire truck without any serious modifications - no cutting, no drilling, no bodywork, nothing. You don't even need to get your truck on a lift to completely transform how it looks, so let's dive right into this thing and see what you can do right now to get your truck looking its best.

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 HD with Anthem Equalizer wheels

Tip 1: Spend Your Money In The Right Areas

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make (and a mistake that we've made ourselves occasionally) is going out and spending 100 bucks here and there, maybe a 200 dollar tint job, 300 for a head unit, you get the picture - eventually, you end up with well over a thousand bucks wrapped up in your truck, but for all intents and purposes it still looks like stock.

This can get even worse when you start buying more expensive tail lights, with some higher-end ones going for a couple thousand bucks. Of course, all that stuff does improve the look of your truck, but if you want to get those double takes as you fly by your favorite gas station, you'll need a bit more for it.

2022 Nissan Frontier with Anthem Liberty wheels

Tip 2: Consider A New Set Of Wheels and Tires

We've found that the pieces of a build that have the biggest impact on appearance are the wheels and tires, and that's not just because we're Custom Offsets. If you don't want to spring for a lift kit just yet or don't want to worry about paying a shop to install one, just get a package together, and we'll ship it to you so you can bolt it on in your driveway without needing any serious modification.

What Wheel Size Is The Best For Your Truck?

Something that trips up the more dedicated of truck enthusiasts is that sometimes people downplay 18x9 and 20x9 wheel setups, just because they fall in the shadows of 14-wides or 16-wides. The reality, though, is that not everyone out there feels like daily driving a truck with massively wide wheels, and just because you want something on the aggressive side of poke fitment doesn't mean that you have to have a 12-inch wide wheel. 9-wides still offer offsets that will push them out much further than your factory wheels too.

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What Kind of Offset Do You Need For Wider Wheels?

Something that newcomers to the truck scene might not realize is that offset is just a measurement - it's a number, and all wheels have a very specific one. The lower the number, the more it'll push your wheels out, and you'll get the look you want. Now, depending on the truck, a stock wheel will have an offset anywhere from +35mm to +50mm. When you start looking at some of our aftermarket 20x9 options, a lot of them will be listed as zero (or even negative) offset, but that's just a measurement, and the lower you go, the more aggressive your fitment is.

In this example, a zero offset wheel compared to a +50mm offset wheel will end up sticking out almost two inches further. On most trucks, after you throw a tire on there it'll either be flush or just outside of your fender, and the lowest offset measurement we see on 9-wides is around -12mm.

Finding the right offset for your stance is important just because of how effective a low-offset wheel is for improving the overall look of your truck. You could take a crappy-looking stock base model work truck, throw some nine-wides on it, and you'd be amazed at just how much better it looks.

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Shop New Wheels And Tires For Your Truck At Custom Offsets

If you need any more examples of what wheels and tires can do for a truck's appearance, check out our gallery - there are plenty of entries in there, from light trucks all the way up to heavy-duty options. In most cases, a set of new wheels and tires can make all the difference for your build.

With that in mind, check out our inventory today and find the wheels and tires that best suit your truck's appearance needs. We've got options from Anthem to Fuel and everything in between, all with the option for quick shipping. Free mounting, balancing and shipping are yours too when you package wheels and tires together, so there's no reason not to.

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