What Are The Best Mud-Terrain Tires?

June 7, 2022

Features and Specs of the Best Mud-Terrain Truck Tires Of 2022

Now that the weather's getting better, it's time to head out for the open trails and tear through some of those off-road obstacles that you've been meaning to conquer. Today, we're taking you through seven tires that are arguably some of the best mud-terrain tires on the market, all top-tier for their own reasons.

We'll be going through each and giving you the pros and cons of them so you can make your own educated decision when you're shopping for tires. Obviously, tires are an expensive part of truck ownership, so we want to make sure that you're making the best decision when you're putting rubber on your wheels - let's get into it!

Toyo Open Country mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Toyo Open Country M/T

The first tire we want to touch on is the Toyo Open Country MT - for these, you're looking at a load range of E and a 114 load index, plenty heavy-duty as far as towing goes. If you've got a three-quarter ton truck or anything like that, this is a 10-ply rated tire, and actually one of the heaviest we'll be talking about, coming in at 71 pounds. They're also on the higher side of the price scale, right around $2,100.

As far as the design goes, you've got some really wide shoulder lugs here that taper back towards the center. It follows a traditional four-block pattern, but they're really angled in the center to give you some extra grip - there are also some big scoops on the tires to give you added traction.

As far as the sidewall goes too, it's relatively aggressive. The design isn't super crazy, but it sticks out a decent amount that it gives you that nice appearance when it's mounted up on a wheel. They also do have the stone ejectors on the outside as well, and they do a great job of self-cleaning.

Nitto Trail Grappler mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Moving down from the Toyo, we have the Nitto Trail Grappler, which is the comparable tire here. Nitto is one of those brands that's been around forever, and one of our favorite parts about the Trail Grappler is just how square it looks. As far as an aesthetics point of view, it's very squared off. You have some scoops on the side with an alternating design on the shoulder lugs, again following a traditional four-block pattern, but they put large cuts on the outside lugs to give it more of an aggressive look. The same goes for the stone ejectors.

The Trail Grappler has a 114 load index, a G load range, and is a 10-ply tire like the Toyo - it weighs in at around 66 pounds per tire and is priced right around $1900 for most sizes.

Another unique thing about the Trail Grappler is that it actually has two different sidewalls, one of which is less aggressive and one that's more aggressive. On one side you have smaller side lugs that don't really give you any kind of grip, but on the opposite side, it's more of a Baja-style design that's straight cut down and sticks out a bit further. By default, the more aggressive side is the one we give you when we mount the tires.

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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3

We're moving down onto the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 - this one still has a typical four-block tread design, but the center sections are so close together that it looks like you've got three big giant lugs coming at you. There are stone ejectors on here as well, and we love the sidewall design, which looks more like a scooped out block pattern. Up onto the outside shoulder lugs, you've got cutouts in the side of these as well that alternate between the cutouts and scoops. So, this tire can promise plenty of grip in mud and snow - it'll get you going just fine. There's also a little bit of siping in the top to help for winter traction.

As far as the numbers go, the Baja MTZ P3 features a 121 load index - which is actually more heavy-duty than some of the other guys - comes with a 10-ply construction, and weighs 68 pounds.

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3 mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the BFGoodrich M/T KM3

Next in the rotation is the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM3. This is another one of those really aggressive looking tires, and it's made all the way down from UTV sizes up to giant lifted truck applications, meaning that you'll find one guaranteed to fit. In terms of numbers, it's a 114 load index and has a load range of E, very similar to all the other ones we've seen.

The tread depth here is a little shallower than some of the other ones, coming in at 18/32" - in terms of price point, you're looking at under $2,000 for 33s, right around $1920-1950. There are very square cutouts and the shoulder lugs actually extend down onto the sidewall, with an angled cut forward. It looks really sharp, and also has some of that classic BFG styling. This thing's a beast.

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Atturo Trail Blade M/T mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Atturo Trail Blade M/T

We're moving down into some of our lower price point options, starting with the Atturo Trail Blade M/T. We've ran Atturo tires on like, 40 different builds that we've done around the shop, thanks in large part to their dependability and affordability for just about any budget. These start at around $1350 or so, and you still get a load index of 114 and a G load range. The Trail Blade is a bit lighter weight than some other tires too, weighing in at around 63 pounds.

Atturo definitely got the sidewall right on the Trail Blade - it's aggressive, angled, and still has a four block tread pattern with stone ejectors. Thanks to the pricing and functionality, the Trail Blade is one of the best tires you can buy.

Vercelli Terreno mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Vercelli Terreno M/T

We're moving into the "best" category of tires here, starting first with the Vercelli Terreno M/T. It's under $1200 at popular sizes, still with a plenty-capable 119 load index, more than enough for heavy duty trucks and towing applications. The load range of F on here means that it's actually higher than some of the other tires on our list, and it also weighs in at 62 pounds.

Some of the decrease in weight comes from the lower tread depth on the Terreno, coming in at 15/32", but you still have stone ejectors and siping, as well as a traditional four-block tread design. The center tread, as well as the outside shoulder blocks are actually stepped tread, so as they wear, you end up with more surface contact that should help with noise as it goes down. The sidewall is pretty standard as well - pretty solid tire all around.

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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro mud-terrain tire

Sizing and Performance of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The last tire on our list is the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro - it comes with a 121 load index and load range of E, making it a super heavy-duty tire perfect for just about anything, and weighs in at 68 pounds. This one has stone ejectors that go deeper than most competitors, and it does an excellent job at self-cleaning as well. The Discoverer has a bit different patterning than some other tires that you might be used to, and also has scoops cut out in the outside shoulder lugs to give you a little extra off-road traction.

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No matter what kind of tires you're looking for on your truck, we've got just what you need right here in our inventory. Check out our mud-terrain tire store and let us know if we can help you find anything - we're happy to get you the set of rubbers that'll keep you and your truck moving forward in confidence.

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