What Are The Best Aftermarket Truck Exhaust Systems?

June 9, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Each Truck Exhaust Type

So, you just bought your dream truck. Hell yeah. You've got all the options you want installed on it, it's painted in the right color, and you just got that aftermarket set of wheels and tires (from Custom Offsets we hope) outfitted that will truly make it pop. Everything is perfect, but then you press the gas, and it sounds completely underwhelming.

Stock truck exhaust systems are quiet and unassuming because they're supposed to be, as truck manufacturers are required to reduce noise and emissions. But! What if you could help your truck sound louder and perform better with a new exhaust system that's on the right side of legality (mostly)?

That's what we want to talk about today - there are so many different exhaust types that you can install to optimize your truck's airflow, make it sound incredible, and give it that performance edge that you've been craving. We've listed more information on each kind of exhaust system below to help you in your search.

Flowmaster Force II Axle Back Exhaust System

What Are Axle-Back Exhaust Systems?

Axle-back exhaust systems are some of the most common kits you can buy, and also some of the easiest to install. These aftermarket kits replace exhaust pipes from the rear axle of your truck to the end of the muffler, built to allow more air - and sound - to pass through. The good news about axle-back systems is that they don't have any effect on engine aspiration, so you can get one added to your truck without needing to tune it. Also, because they consist of fewer materials, they're cheaper than some other options.

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Borla Cat-Back exhaust system

What Are Cat-Back Exhaust Systems?

Cat-back exhausts are a cousin of axle-back systems that are just a bit longer, stretching from the catalytic converter to the end of the muffler. Cat-backs are compatible with any kind of truck, and since they don't do anything to affect the catalytic converter itself, they're legal everywhere. You can also expect more power from your truck with a cat-back exhaust installed because it removes some of the more restrictive parts that stock exhausts come with. What Are Downpipes?

If you've got a turbocharged truck in your driveway and are looking to increase its performance capabilities (let’s face it, that’s what we’re all here for, right?) an exhaust downpipe might be just what you need. Downpipes bolt onto the turbine housing of your truck and they help direct gasses through the remainder of your exhaust system. Since aftermarket downpipes allow for more airflow, you can get much significantly more power out of your truck with one than with stock parts.

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aFe Power ATLAS 4 DPF Back Exhaust System

What Are DPF Back Exhaust Systems?

Diesel trucks generally expel more harmful particles than their gas-powered counterparts, and a DPF Back exhaust system can help you increase performance while also decreasing emissions. DPF (diesel particulate filter) exhausts are devices that trap soot, ash, and other harmful materials in the exhaust system. Thanks to their construction quality and nature of design, DPF Back exhaust kits can help you reduce emissions while increasing performance.

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aFe Rebel Series Muffler Delete

What Are Muffler Deletes?

If you want a surefire way to help your truck sound louder, a muffler delete is an option to keep an eye on. Muffler deletes are straight pipes that replace only your muffler, allowing for air to pass through unfiltered. This can help increase noise levels, but you might also run into some issues with legality if you're not careful - be sure you know what you're getting into before installing a delete on your truck.

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MBRP 4 Resonator Back System

What Are Resonator Backs?

No exhaust system is perfect, and stock setups can still let high-pitched noises, hums, buzzes, or droning sounds pass through. So, to help dial in the tone your truck produces, use a resonator back. Resonator backs are an addition you can add to your muffler to help remove any annoying sounds from your truck's engine, helping it sound much better without significantly impacting volume. What Do Exhaust Tips Do?

Unlike most of the other exhaust kits we've covered, exhaust tips don't really do much to change performance or airflow from truck engines. They're just a cosmetic upgrade, but that said, good ones can help your truck's appearance go from good to completely badass.

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Banks Power Turbo Back Monster Exhaust System

What Are Turbo Back Exhaust Systems?

Turbo-back exhausts are the most comprehensive options at your disposal if you want to optimize the performance of your turbocharged truck. These kits run from the turbocharger to the end of the muffler and include everything a cat-back exhaust would, along with a downpipe. This lets you get better airflow, stronger performance, and a cooler sound than you otherwise would.

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We've got a huge selection of aftermarket exhaust kits in all the configurations listed above, from top brands like Magnaflow, Flowmaster, MBRP, Rough Country, and many more. Free shipping and financing are available on all exhaust systems we offer, so check out our stores and get your build ready to show the crew. We’ll even keep your name and products off the invoice so she won’t know what you bought. ;-)

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