How To Make Your Truck Sound Louder

June 11, 2022

What does it take to give your truck the full package in terms of performance? Of course, there are plenty of engine mods, suspension upgrades, and wheel & tire replacements you can add to your vehicle to help it perform better anywhere. But, if you need to beef up its sound and help optimize its engine airflow along the way, sometimes all you need is a good exhaust system.

Aftermarket exhaust systems have numerous advantages for trucks over stock kits. Not only do they often help your truck sound better, but they can also increase efficiency and power when built correctly. We'll be touching on this first point below - Let’s get after figuring out the absolute perfect sound for your truck.

Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust

How Do Exhaust Systems Help Trucks Sound Louder and More Aggressive?

The size and shape of your muffler and exhaust pipes have a lot to do with the noise that your truck produces. Whenever you turn your engine on, the sound waves produced from it are then transferred through the piping of your exhaust system before they, and harmful debris and other particles, are ejected from the muffler. Depending on whether or not your muffler is small or LARGE, this could be the difference between a thin, raspy sound or a fuller, meaner one.

To get that loud, menacing sound that you're looking for, you'll need to find an exhaust kit that offers large, wide pipes and equally wide exhaust tips for additional sound quality. This is the design that the best aftermarket exhaust brands use, and many exhaust systems nowadays are built to increase the volume of gas that flows through the piping without going into sound dampening chambers - straight-pipe exhausts are great for this.

Of course, this is only half the battle, because you could still hear some hums or buzzes coming from your truck even when it's idling. In cases like this, you might want a resonator, which is used in tandem with the muffler to help filter out these sounds and other interference.

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What Are The Best Aftermarket Truck Exhaust Brands?

The good news if you're looking for a strong, loud exhaust system is that we've got plenty of them from America's top brands in stock now. Each of the below manufacturers offers exhaust systems that can help you get that full, strong sound you've been wanting:

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Shop Aftermarket Truck Exhaust Systems At Custom Offsets

Come check out our inventory and find the exhaust system in the right size and shape for your truck that best suits your needs. Free shipping and financing are both available on all exhaust kits in stock. If you don’t know where to get started, we’ve got a full building of sales and truck experts willing to help you out (peep that phone number at the top of the page).

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