What Are The Best Types of Brakes For Towing?

June 13, 2022

Have you ever had a dream that went something like this? You're driving your truck down the road and it's time to come to a stop - you slow down, make sure to press the brakes, and … nothing happens. You know your truck is slowing down, but it's still moving. And that vehicle ahead of you isn't going anywhere, but you're still moving. You get closer and closer, still inching forward - and then you wake up in a cold sweat and grab for the half full can of Schlitz on the nightstand.

We were going somewhere with this - a good brake system is the unsung hero of every truck build, because by nature it's the one component that helps you come to a complete stop and save yourself and other vehicles from danger or damage. Good brakes need to help you stop quickly, but they also need to be able to handle the amount of weight you're pulling. For this reason, you might need a different set of brakes than you otherwise would if your truck is primarily used for towing.

Today, we want to take you through the best brake types to use for towing applications, as well as which ones in our inventory will get you suited to do that as soon as possible. Let's get after it.

PowerStop Z36 towing brake kit

How Should Good Towing Brakes Be Constructed?

When you're hauling big stuff down the road, there's a lot of force and inertia that your truck is generating, and a good set of brakes can keep you controlled regardless. Not only do they need to help you stop, but they also need to stay cool when your speed is going down.

Common sense tells us that the more weight you're pulling, the more friction is required from your brake pads and rotors to help that weight go down to a zero speed. So, the brakes we'll need for maximum performance when towing will need to have increased contact friction with good heat control, protection from dust, and reduced vibration. What does that look like in real life?

For the best performance possible when you're towing, you'll need to find a set of brake rotors that are drilled and slotted. These types of brakes are constructed to expel brake dust and any moisture that might be generated when you come to a stop. Thanks to the way they're built, they also allow for more airflow around your axle, helping them stay cooler while increasing the amount of friction that the rotor can handle.

PowerStop Z36 towing brake kit for Ford F-250 & Ford F-350

What Are The Best Brakes To Buy For Help With Towing?

By far the best brake kit in our inventory to help with towing is the PowerStop Z36, a brake set specifically designed for this application. The PowerStop Z36 brake kit is built to handle any weight you could throw at it, features brake pads with carbon-fiber ceramic materials, and is drilled and slotted for the best cooling possible while keeping you, well, upright.

In fact, PowerStop's entire brake lineup is phenomenal for towing performance, and you're more than welcome to check out our full inventory - we offer PowerStop brakes for just about any make or model, so you can rest assured that you'll find one to suit your needs.

Check out PowerStop's Full Towing Brake Inventory In Our Store

How Often Should You Replace Your Brake Pads And Rotors?

Regardless of what you're using your truck for, you should still be getting your brake pads and rotors replaced regularly to make sure that you're staying at top performance. Aim to get your pads replaced every 10,000-20,000 miles or so, and grab a new set of rotors around the 50,000-70,000 mile mark. This way, you'll always have a brake set that's able to help you handle even the toughest challenges.

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Shop High-Performance Truck Brakes At Custom Offsets

Come check out our full performance store and find all the brake types you need for your truck - our team is always standing by and happy to help you get the set that best fits your build. Financing and free shipping are both available on all brake kits in stock, so there's never been a better time to get the brakes that'll work best.

What brakes do you use for towing most often? Let us know! Check us out at https://www.youtube.com/c/CustomOffsetsTV and @customoffsets on our socials to learn more about getting that build ready for summer.

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