How Much Power Do Engine Tuners Add To Trucks?

June 14, 2022

Have you ever seen the show Home Improvement? For the uninitiated - which is probably you if you're under the age of 23 - it ran throughout the entirety of the 90s and detailed the life of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, portrayed by Tim Allen, America's favorite ex-cocaine addict. Tim Taylor hosts a show called Tool Time where he and his sidekick, Al, modify common household accessories by overpowering the absolute shit out of them, often with hilarious results, and always accompanied by the catchphrase "More Power!"

Truck enthusiasts can relate, we're sure - we all want to get more adrenaline out of our pickups, and luckily, there are plenty of routes you can take to get the most out of your engine whenever you press the pedal. One of the top mods you can do to your truck to get more energy is installing an engine tuner, and today, we want to talk about how they work and how much power you can expect from one. Let's get after it.

DiabloSport Trinity 2 engine tuner

How Do Truck Engine Tuners Work?

Contrary to popular belief, engines don't just work mechanically. Non-enthusiasts think all you have to do is press the gas and your engine will unleash its full force, but that's not the case in today's world. Engines run off of pre-set computer settings, which tell them how much power to output to maximize fuel efficiency, injection timing, and smooth gear shifting, among others.

Most trucks are tuned by the dealership when they first arrive on the lot, and dealers will generally tune the engines for optimal fuel economy, seamless and smooth shifting, and a quiet engine sound. This is great for some applications, but what if you want to absolutely max out the power of your engine? Enter… the engine tuner.

Tuners work by adjusting your truck's computer settings that are then fed to the engine, all for increased performance. Not only will you see your power juiced, but you can also customize many tuners for optimal calibration for tires and gears.

Banks Power PedalMonster engine tuner

Performance and Horsepower Upgrades of Engine Tuners Over Stock Engines

So, how great of a power increase can you expect a good tuner to provide? It'll depend on the type of tuner and whether or not your truck has a gas or diesel engine, but in general, most tuners will give you about 15 to 50 more horsepower, and up to 30 more pound-feet of torque.

That could be the difference between a light or heavy-duty setup, which is why tuners are such a popular truck mod to install. Yes, they're pricey, but for the ability to customize your truck's settings just how you want them, they're absolutely worth it.

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What Are The Best Truck Engine Tuner Brands?

Good engine tuners should have clear, easy-to-follow interfaces, intuitive and responsive chips, and the ability for you to adjust your settings in real time depending on what you want to use your truck for. Many of America's top tuner brands are in our inventory right now, and our favorites are listed below:

We carry tuners for all of America's top truck manufacturers, so whether you've got a Ford, Chevy RAM, or anything else in your driveway, there'll be an upgrade for you.

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Shop Truck Engine Tuners At Custom Offsets

Come check out our inventory today and find the engine tuner that works best for your truck and its needs - free shipping and financing are available on all tuners in stock, and if you have any further questions our team is always standing by and ready to help you find the right one.

Do you have an engine tuner on your build? Let us know! Check us out at https://www.youtube.com/c/CustomOffsetsTV and @customoffsets on our socials to learn more about getting that build ready for summer.

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