How To Install An Engine Tuner On Your Truck

June 16, 2022

Being a truck enthusiast is a constant process of growing and evolving, like everything else in life, and we get it all the time from reluctant dudes who have hesitations about joining the culture - it's too costly, or time-consuming, or they don't know how to do the mods they want, or their girlfriend will break up with them if they "buy another damn set of rims."

We've got good news for you, Steven from Sacramento - we won't tell her. But also, there are plenty of quick and easy mods you can do to instantly increase your truck’s performance capabilities. One of our favorites is installing an engine tuner. Not only is it one of the simplest modifications you can do, but it can also give your truck the punch it needs to rip down any road with confidence.

Today, we want to give you some basic instructions on how to install an engine tuner so you can get your truck up to speed in no time. See what we did there?

Bully Dog Triple Dog Gauge Tuner

Equipment Needed To Install An Engine Tuner Chip

We're not lying when we say you can install an engine tuner in, like, a minute, and you don't need any specific tools to get the job done. However, we do recommend you have an air compressor or other method of blowing on hand in case the areas you check out are dirty or grimy.

Also, just to clear the air - pun intended - when we say "engine tuner," the only thing you need to install to get it up and running is the chip it comes with. This is the part that sends the signal to your engine and tells the settings it needs to operate correctly. With that in mind, let's get this bad boy installed!

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Step By Step Process For Installing An Engine Tuner

You need to do these five things in sequence to get your tuner installed and working:

  1. Turn on your truck. This is the easiest part.
  2. Under the driver-side dashboard, you'll want to locate the OBD-2 port. This usually will be somewhere around your brake pedal or clutch if you're cool.
  3. If there is any dust or dirt in the OBD-2 port, take out your air compressor and blow that stuff out. This will be important to ensure your chip will have a strong connection.
  4. If you haven't already, open up the packaging your tuner came with and locate the chip. Plug it into the OBD-2 port and wait about 15 seconds for it to register.
  5. Your tuner chip will most likely have a button that says "SYNC/RESET" or something similar. Press it and wait another 15 seconds.

Boom, you're done, and you made it back in time for the fourth quarter. Hell yeah.

Edge Pulsar Engine Tuner with interface and chip plugin

How To Get The Best Performance From An Engine Tuner

Before you can make any adjustments to your tuner settings, we'd advise driving your truck for around 150 miles, at a minimum. This will give your tuner the time it needs to remap your engine system for optimal fuel and airflow performance - to paraphrase Mystikal, this will show it what you're working with.

One quick note - you can still use the fuel your truck's manufacturer recommends, but for the best performance your tuner can churn out, higher-octane gas is the move here.

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