What Do Engine Tuners Do For Trucks?

June 15, 2022

Say you have a truck and you want it to be more powerful than it already is. You have three options at your disposal - replace the engine entirely, get one of those things AutoZone sells that promises "40 extra horsepower!" or install yourself a top-tier tuner.

There are problems with the first two methods, in that installing a new engine costs too much money and time, and power boosters straight up don't work. But an engine tuner can be a godsend for anyone looking to get more powerful, efficient performance every time they step on the gas.

So, let's jump right in today and show you what tuners can do, which tuner type is best for you, and which brands you should go with to help your truck unleash its full potential.

Banks Power Derringer plug and play tuner

Top Performance Benefits of Truck Engine Tuners

You'd be forgiven for thinking engine tuners are the same today as they were in the 80’s, in that they operate on an analog-type deal where the amount of gas pedal you press tells your engine exactly how much power it should produce. That's kind of the case, but really, the opposite is true.

Engines in newer trucks get their power information from chips tuned at the dealership or factory. These let the engine know how much fuel it should be consuming, how much power to produce based on how engaged the pedal is, and when the gears should shift, among other things.

An engine tuner chip plugs into your truck's OBD-2 port and can override these pre-built settings for more optimal performance. In many cases, you can even create these settings for yourself if you have a good idea of how you want your truck to perform. This can end up with a significant power boost to your truck.

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DiabloSport Intune i3 interface engine tuner

What Are The Different Kinds of Engine Tuners?

There are two main types of engine tuners, which we'll call plug-and-play and interface tuners.

Plug and play tuners are as the name suggests - the entire tuner plugs into the OBD-2 port and adjusts engine settings with no input needed from you. This is a more rudimentary system than interface tuners offer, but they're usually cheaper and can still give you some great upticks in performance, efficiency, and shifting.

Interface tuners are more expensive than plug-and-play tuners but they're also way more fun. With these, all the information about your engine's settings is displayed on an HD screen that either comes in the package or is an app on your phone. From here, you can adjust your engine settings in real-time and your truck will do the rest.

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Shop Aftermarket Truck Engine Tuners At Custom Offsets

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