Illegal Truck Mods To Avoid

July 26, 2022

Are There Any Illegal Truck Lights To Avoid Adding To Your Build?

When you tune into Cops at 4:30, moments after touching your stepbrother's drum set, you'll soon find yourself grounded from TV for a week and missing a whole ton of information from the series finale the next day. This lapse in judgment might have saved you a lot of hassle from the boys in blue should you find yourself in a high-speed chase - you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

All jokes aside, the point we're trying to make here is that those Wish.com LED light strips may not be such a good idea to put on your truck - after all, color changing strips duct taped to your front bumper is a great look, especially if you want to find yourself on the side of the road dealing with the cherries and berries in the rearview. So, today we're gonna be sitting down and going through some of the top things you might not have known you can get pulled over for.

Rock lights on lifted RAM pickup

Illegal Truck Mod 1: License Plate Lights and Covers, Sometimes

First things first, the first thing you might want to do when you get a new truck is head over to your favorite cheapo website and grab enough lights to light up Central Park at midnight. This might sound like a good idea, be cautious, because funnily enough, cops are not a huge fan of pretty colors, especially red and blue - that's theirs. More on that later though.

Kicking off the list, we're talking about license plate lights. And by that, we mean the little light that actually illuminates every bumper on the road. Most laws state that it must be a bright enough form of either white LED or halogen to illuminate your plates. That way, the police can tell whether or not they're expired.

We actually polled our YouTube community and asked them for the most common reasons they've been pulled over, and one of the most common reasons was due to either the license plate lights being burned out or, strangely enough, having a cover over the plate. And before you get angry, by no means are we saying that license plate covers are illegal - but if you decide to try and cover your tags, be them expired or not, thinking it would be a good way to avoid a traffic stop, you're wrong. The general rule of thumb is that if you can visibly see the stickers and license plate number, you shouldn't have any issues. As always, though, we'd recommend checking with local law enforcement to ensure that the plate cover you want is within legal limitations.

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Rock lights and underglow kit on lifted RAM truck at night

Illegal Truck Mod 2: Rock Lights and Underglow

Changing gears, let's talk a little bit about lights in general. Listen, we get it - you just bought 14-wides, and what's a better way to show them off than by picking up a new set of Black Label rock lights? You get home, open the box, and spend the rest of the evening painstakingly running cables through every single nook and cranny you can find. And while it looks great, the boys in blue may disagree just a little bit.

Before we completely deflate your tires - get it? - we've got a few tips to avoid that unwarranted attention that you might not have asked for. Not all wheel lights or underglow kits are illegal depending on your city or state - however, here in Wisconsin we don't generally get a whole lot of slack when it comes to underglow lighting. As a general rule of thumb, the best color to run if you're dead set and absolutely heart's content is white.

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Illegal Truck Mod 3: Air Fresheners

Last on the list is something you might not have known you can get pulled over for, and that's Little Trees air fresheners. You heard that correctly - those cute little evergreen-shaped cardboard pieces hanging from your rear view mirror can get you into some trouble.

Believe it or not, it is legal in some states for an officer to issue you a citation for simply having an air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror. This is mostly due to the fact that when you hang enough of them on your mirror, it can be a bit of a distraction when you're driving. Also, it can quite literally limit visibility. So, if you can avoid it, grab some vent-mounted air fresheners and steer clear of any unwanted attention.

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So, we've taken you through what not to add to your car, but we have a huge inventory of aftermarket mods that are totally, 100% legal to add. Check out our selection of exterior parts and accessories today, and let us know if you have any questions about legality and whether or not your favorite parts are best for your build. We're always happy to help!

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