What Are The Performance Benefits of Using A Cold Air Intake On Your Truck?

August 22, 2022

What Are The Top Benefits of Cold Air Intakes For Trucks?

As truck enthusiasts, we're always on the hunt for more power and performance out of our trucks - there's no feeling quite like putting as much power down as you possibly can, and it also doesn't hurt to know that your pickup is able to tear down the highway with energy levels that you've only ever dreamed of.

So, if you've got your eyes on a good way to improve performance capabilities, what are your options? You could do an LS swap for a stronger and more durable engine, but if you like the motor you've got, maybe the best choice at your disposal is just to give it a much needed performance mod.

Enter the cold air intake. Intakes are a solid, easy-to-install and hugely popular mod that legions of drivers have trusted for their builds. Check out all the best performance specs and features you need to know about intakes below, and grab one for your model today.

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S&B Cold Air Intake for 2020-21 Chevy and GMC trucks

What Is A Cold Air Intake and What Does It Do For Truck Performance?

Cold air intakes are designed to improve the performance of your truck by drawing in cooler air from outside the engine compartment. This cooler air is denser than the warmer air that is normally drawn into the engine, and as a result it provides more oxygen for combustion. The colder air also causes the fuel to atomize more completely, which results in a more complete and efficient combustion process. As a result, your truck will run smoother, faster, and with less pollution.

How Much Horsepower and Torque Output Do Cold Air Intakes Add To Trucks?

Depending on the engine and model that's being modded, cold air intakes can add an average of 10-15 horsepower and 10-15 pound-feet of torque to trucks. This increase in performance can be attributed to the cooler, denser air that is being drawn into the engine, and that difference in quality is immediately seen when you press the pedal. Since the cold air is denser than hotter air, more of it is able to combust when it goes to the engine, and that lets your engine accelerate much better.

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Banks Power Ram-Air cold air intake for 1998-08 Chevy and GMC trucks

Do Cold Air Intakes Increase Fuel Efficiency In Trucks?

So we know that cold air intakes can give you performance boosts in the areas that matter most to most drivers - horsepower and torque. But what about fuel economy? Are intakes able to give you a boost there?

Most experts agree that cold air intakes do improve truck performance, and this improved performance results in better fuel economy thanks to the more optimal airflow that intakes can boast. In fact, many truck owners report an increase of 1-2 MPG after installing a cold air intake system. That may not seem like a whole lot at face value, but take a new 2022 Ford F-150 SuperCrew for perspective here. The SuperCrew has a tank capacity of 26 gallons, and at two additional miles per gallon, that's 52 more miles that this truck would be able to take you, and all you did was put an intake in the ol' thing. So, not only do intakes give you a better and stronger driving experience, but they can also take you further on every tank. So really, there's no excuse not to get one.

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What Are The Best Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Brands and Where Can I Buy One?

If you're not sold on intakes yet, we really feel sorry for you because of how much you're missing out on. If, however, you like what you see and want to snatch up an intake kit for your build, our inventory is packed to the brim with options from America's leading intake brands, including the following:

All of these brands and more are available online today at Custom Offsets, and we offer financing and free shipping on many intake kits to fit top models from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, RAM, and many more. Check out our inventory and snag the right intake kit for your truck today - you'll be glad that you did.

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