Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes: Which Is Better For Your Truck?

August 29, 2022

Wilwood brake kit with rotor and lines

Performance Benefits of Disc Brakes vs. Drum Brakes

We talk a lot about wheels, tires and suspension here at Custom Offsets, and for good reason - there's no better feeling than giving your truck a badass lift and some sick new wheels and tire packages that allow it to reflect your personality wherever you go. But at a certain point, looks can only take you so far, and it's time to start putting some thought into the performance capabilities that your truck brings to the table.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when thinking about truck performance is how well and quickly it's able to come to a stop. We shouldn't need to explain why, but the TL;DR is that not being able to stop your truck is bad, for everyone involved. So, aftermarket brake kits have come into vogue in recent years that can give your truck much better performance than a stock kit would, and many of them feature either disc brakes or drum brakes.

Both disc and drum brakes are great for different types of trucks and drivers, but to the untrained eye, you might be wondering what the differences are of each, if there are even any differences to speak of. So, that's what we'll be taking you through today - below, you'll find the best performance features of disc and drum brakes so you can find the ones that are best suited for your truck's needs. Check it out!

Closeup shot of 2022 RAM 1500 with brake kit behind ARKON Lincoln

What is a Drum Brake and What Are The Advantages Of Using One For Your Truck?

Drum brakes are a type of brake that uses a set of pads to press against a rotating drum in order to create friction and slow the vehicle. Drum brakes are typically used on heavier vehicles, such as trucks, because they can handle the increased weight and stress of stopping. One benefit of drum brakes is that they tend to be more durable than disc brakes and can last longer with proper maintenance. Another benefit is that they are less expensive to repair than disc brakes. However, one downside of drum brakes is that they can overheat more easily than disc brakes, which can lead to decreased performance.

What Is A Disc Brake and What Are The Advantages of Using Them For Truck Driving?

Disc brakes work by using brake pads to press against a rotating disc, which creates friction and slows the vehicle down. This design is more effective at dissipating heat than drum brakes, making them a better option for trucks that need to stop quickly. One of the best benefits of disc brakes is that they provide superior stopping power than drum brakes. This is because disc brakes create more friction and heat, which leads to a quicker and more effective stop. Additionally, disc brakes are less likely to overheat than drum brakes, making them a more reliable option for heavier vehicles.

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2022 RAM 1500 Big Horn with Fuel Maverick wheels

Are Disc Brakes or Drum Brakes Better For Your Truck?

There are several advantages to both drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brakes are typically more durable and less expensive to repair than disc brakes, making them a good option for trucks. However, disc brakes provide superior stopping power and are less likely to overheat than drum brakes.

That said, there are a couple key factors that we'll detail to help you in your search if you're still wondering whether or not a disc or drum brake is better for your needs. Disc brakes are typically considered the better option for trucks because they provide superior stopping power and are less likely to overheat. However, drum brakes may be a better option for some drivers because they are more durable and less expensive to repair. Ultimately, the best brake system for your truck depends on your driving needs and the type of truck you have.

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What Are The Best Disc and Drum Brake Brands and Where Can I Buy One?

There are many different brands of disc and drum brakes available on the market, and some of the best ones come from leading manufacturers like EBC, PowerStop, and Wilwood, all of which we have in our inventory right now. These brands have grown into industry favorites thanks to the high design quality, top-tier performance, and long-lasting durability that all of their brake kits provide, which can help you get a better handle on any driving situation you're in.

So, whether or not you choose to go with disc or drum brakes, we've got just what you need right in our inventory. All of our aftermarket brake kits are available with both 0% financing and free shipping to the lower 48, so if you need a new set of brakes right now, you have zero excuses not to snag one for your truck. Check out our inventory today and grab the brake kit that works best for your build!

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