Is A Square Body Chevy Worth Buying in 2022?

August 25, 2022

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Look at Babe Ruth - dude played in the 1920s and is still getting talked about to this day, and he's even got a candy bar named after him, which is something we bet you can't match. In the same way, there are plenty of trucks out there that get a lot of hype, but there are few that live up to the legacy of the square body Chevy.

Today, we'll be talking about those oh so fantastic square wheel wells, the boxy grille headlight design, and the introduction of the very first dual-wheel pickup in existence. If you haven't guessed by now, we're answering the question "Is a Square-Body Chevy Worth It?" so let's jump right in and show you!

1986 Square Body Chevy with closeup of Ridler Style 650 wheels

Top Design Features of Square Body Chevrolet Silverado Trucks

In 1973, things were heating up for the old General Motors Corporation. After the introduction of their second generation of the C/K line of pickup trucks, GM knew that their new truck had to be an absolute banger if they wanted a shot at the top of the food chain when it came to truck sales in America. Because of this, GM would go to the drawing board and come back with a design so iconic, so classic, and so good-looking that they would leave it relatively unchanged for the next 15 years.

The brand new square body pickup truck would go onto set the benchmark for the next 30 years of GM's pickup truck production, at least in terms of exterior styling. Beyond the beloved - or maybe maligned - square wheel wells that these pickups featured, they came with a completely restyled design, with more rounded features and seats that didn't completely suck when you wanted to drive it for more than 35 minutes.

Fun fact, also - did you know that even though we call them square-body Silverados, this generation was actually introduced as the round body generation of CNK pickups? This is because for the first time in the history of pickup trucks, GM would introduce a truck with curved-side window glass. No longer were your windows just sheets of flat glass that you just rolled up and down in the doors. Additionally, this truck would be the very first General Motors truck to be flow tested in a wind tunnel, which is why you see a lot of those really sweeping body lines and curved panels in comparison to trucks before that. Aerodynamics were the name of the game back then, and GM certainly understood the assignment.

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1986 Chevrolet C10 with 2 inch leveling kit and Ridler Style 650 wheels

Performance Features of the Chevy CNK and Silverado Square Body Pickups

On top of all this cool stuff, one of the coolest things about the square body Chevy is that it was the first truck to ever be produced with a Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) option. The 1973 Chevy C31 One-Ton Dually was unlike any other truck that you'd ever seen - sure, you could get a truck chassis with dual rear wheels before that, but you couldn't get them with a bed of any kind.

Additionally, this would be the first truck to offer a crew cab option from the factory, meaning that the C30 had room for you and all your buddies to go mobbin' down the road to deer camp. It was dubbed Big Dooley (with two O's) because, well, that's just frickin cool. This monstrosity of a truck came with a 350 V8 engine, ministering 155 horsepower, and cost just $4,388. It was big, and drank like your Uncle Ted after the Packers lost the Super Bowl in 1998.

Over the next 15 years, the square body would continue to have minor tweaks and changes like adding power door locks and power windows. Some front end tweaks like headlight styling and grille changes and stuff like that followed, as well as the introduction of the 5.7-liter diesel engine that would eventually lead to the 6.2-liter Detroit diesel that Gale Banks used to pioneer the aftermarket diesel industry.

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Bed view and rear wheels of 1986 Chevrolet Square Body C10

What Makes the Chevrolet Square Body Truck So Popular and Versatile?

What makes the square body so popular is just how nostalgic it is. There's not a single person we've met that doesn't have a memory of riding with their dad, granddad, uncle, or any family member in a square body truck as a kid. Additionally, if you want to build a truck, there are few that are more versatile than the square body Chevy. Lift kits are available, drop kits are available, and even just wheels and tires are plentily and readily available from a ton of manufacturers so that you can really build it how you want it to be.

If you need to restore your truck, there are companies like LMC, for example, who are making pretty much every body panel that you could ever want for your square body available for you to bring in, weld in, bolt-on, and paint over it, and bam, you've got a brand new truck. Because of this massive aftermarket parts availability, the diversity in the builds of these trucks is solely incredible.

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Shop Wheels, Tires And Suspension for your Square Body Chevy At Custom Offsets

Now for the question at hand: yes, if you want a truck that allows you to customize it to fit your personality perfectly, few trucks are better than a square body Chevy. So, if you've got one in your driveway already, you should know that we have all the aftermarket parts and accessories you need to make it yours. Come find yours today, and don't forget that we offer free mounting, balancing, and shipping on all wheel and tire packages in stock!

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