VersaTyre MXT HD Truck Tire Review

September 19, 2022

Is the VersaTyre MXT HD A Good Truck Tire?

We've got a tire review on deck for you today, and our focus is on the VersaTyre MXT HD. A set of these bad boys in a 35 inch diameter will set you back about $1500 or so, which leads to the inevitable question - are they any good? And more importantly, will they do a burnout? The answer to the second question is a resounding "yes," as it's a pretty smoky tire that we can all agree is fantastic. But the first question needs a bit of a deeper dive, so today we'll take you through the best specs, features, and capabilities that the Versatyre MXT HD brings to the table. Let's get it!

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Quick Overview of the Versatyre Tire Brand

The MXT HD is one of the newest entries from VersaTyre, and VersaTyre as a whole is a newer brand that hasn't been around super long, but they're actually owned by a much older company that also owns Luxxx HD and HD Pro. Versatyre has been in business since 2011, starting in the wheel game, and in late 2020 they decided to launch into tires as well. That leads us to the MXT HD.

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with VersaTyre MXT tires

What Kind of Tire is the Versatyre MXT HD?

Inevitably, we do have to cover the fact that the MXT HD is a mud tire of sorts, almost on the same boundary as a hybrid tire - that said, most guys that are buying tires like this aren't necessarily running them in the dirt, and a lot of people will buy these for a show setup, pretty common for sizes like 35s and such. Versatyre actually plays into that market quite well, which is why you're bound to see quite a few of their tires when you go to your next meet.

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Design Features of the Versatyre MXT HD Mud-Terrain Tire

Let's talk a little about the tire itself. The first thing you'll notice when you look at the MXT/HD is that it has a super aggressive V-shaped center tread pattern, which is very directional and unique to the Versatyre lineup. It has V-shaped angular blocks right up to the middle of a tread, along with a good-sized void and pretty aggressive shoulder block on the outside.

Moving onto the sidewall, the MXT/HD has a really aggressive sidewall design that keys into the show look that Versatyre models are intended to give off. It has a really square sidewall that's perfect for wrapping around 12-wides, 14-wides, and even 16-wides, meaning this tire is a perfect option for those of us looking for a bit beefier stance.

2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty with Versatyre MXT tires

Sizing Options for the Versatyre MXT HD Tire

The next conversation piece is which sizes are available for the Versatyre MXT HD - you'll have typical sizes like 33X12.5OR20 and 35X12.5OR20, but the main focus for these is more of a speciality sizing range, similar to what we've seen from other tire manufacturers like Fury. The Versatyre MXT HD is designed for wider wheels without being too huge in diameter, and it definitely holds its own in terms of looks and performance - it's a solid, dependable tire, and looks really good rolling down the highway.

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How Much Road Noise Does the Versatyre MXT/HD Make?

As we drive on tires like these we like to register the decibel level to give you an idea of how loud you can expect them to be. When idling, trucks with MXT/HD tires will hover around 50 decibels, which isn't too bad. For reference, 80 decibels is what your alarm clock might check in at. At 40 miles per hour, that goes up to around 70 decibels - that's a bit louder than some of the other tires on the market, but it's something we're completely comfortable with given that this is a mud tire, made to look and be aggressive. Plus, with those massive center tread voids, you'll get a bit more noise, but nothing too crazy.

At 70 miles an hour, the MXT/HD goes up to around 75 decibels, which isn't super loud but is a bit louder than hybrids or all-terrains. That, again, is super expected, and in the cab, it's really not too bad. A lot of times you'll notice that tires like this will make a really obnoxious humming noise, but that really isn't too evident with the MXT/HD leading the way. If road noise is your concern, counting the fact that this is still a mud tire, the MXT/HD does a really good job of mitigating too much loudness.

2021 Ford Bronco with Versatyre MXT tires

Should You Buy the Versatyre MXT/HD?

So at the end of the day, would we recommend the Versatyre MXT/HD for your build? The answer is yes - the Versatyre MXT/HD is a fantastic tire, and really, since the beginning Versatyre has been building great tire options for guys who are looking for unique, specialty tires without breaking the bank. They look good, they ride good, and they're just a solid option for the price point.

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