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2015 vs 2020 Truck Trends

August 7, 2019


A lot has changed since 2015 in the truck world. From a time when button down shop shirts, all white Oakley sunglasses, and “bae were the coolest things to do.We’re going to dive in and compare the most popular wheels, tires, and suspension in 2015 compared to today. 

In 2015, the most popular wheels to have on your truck was the XD Rockstar. They're bold, blocky, and aggressive. You couldn’t go wrong with the Rockstar if you had a lifted truck. Today, the most popular wheel is the TIS 544. The 544 has an aggressive multi-spoke, directional design that’s aimed to please any truck enthusiast. 

XD Rockstar Black White544BM Blackmilled 6 Lug White

If the XD Rockstar wasn’t your flavor, then the Moto Metal 962 was perfect. The 962 has a deep lip with a simple 8-spoke design, accented with machined bolts. Today, if you’re looking for a wheel with a deep lip the ARKON Lincoln is by far the best option. With a true-directional (or proper directional) spokes, a simple design, and sizes that everyone wants, it’s hard to beat. 

Motometal MO962 Black WhiteArkon Lincoln Blackmilled 20x10

Now when it comes to tires in 2015, everyone loved the Federal Couragia because they were aggressive and cheap. Even now, everyone still love the Federal Couragia but now people are going for that high quality show build. Because of this new phase of truck modification, enthusiasts love the Nitto Ridge Grappler. The Ridge Grappler has numerous load variations and sizes, plus they’re a hybrid so they’re great for any enthusiast’s needs. 

Nitto Ridge Grappler

When it comes to lift kits, Rough Country was the most popular in 2015. Rough Country was basically the only choice because of its price point. Because the kits are so cheap, you then had the budget to buy your 50 light bar, halo headlights, wheel lights, and underglow. The choice was simple. Today, because of that culture shift mentioned earlier, people are wanting to upgrade to something nicer. So they’re still running Rough Country but updating to the Vertex coilover system for a nicer ride. Not only are we seeing people run Rough Country, but BDS has also become one of the most popular brands. BDS has become that “hype brand that everyone wants, which is why people are willing to spend a little bit of extra money to get the quality products. 

Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit 1500 4WDBDS Suspension Kit With Fox Shocks

Seeing how fast the truck culture has changed in the past 5 years has us excited for what’s to come in the future, maybe we’ll see these trends come back.