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A Guide to Truck Meets in 2019

May 17, 2019

The first truck meet of the season is unlike anything else, knowing that the project you’ve worked all winter on can finally stretch its legs. Transforming from a pile of metal and rubber to a moving work of art. The common love and passion for trucks is what keeps enthusiasts coming out for truck meets. Take this as a guide before you head out to any truck meet. 

What is a Meet?

There’s quite a bit of confusion over what the difference is between a meet and a show. SEMA for example, is an automotive show, while the Daytona Truck Meet is technically a show also. 

Your local hangout at Wal-Mart’s parking lot however is the truest definition of a meet. There’s no trophies, competitions or ceremonies, just a bunch of truck lovers talking about their builds. 

Meets can range from a spontaneous Saturday night hangout, or a planned event that brings in enthusiasts from all over the state. Meets are simple; no politics, no crazy set up, and no competition.

What To Expect From a Meet

Nothing really, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s basically a place for like-minded truck lovers to hangout and the benefits are pretty straight forward. You get to hangout and make new friends, and maybe some family along the way. And who knows? Maybe someday when you have a new lift kit to install, having a few buddies around wouldn’t hurt. 

How to find a Truck Meet

Speaking of buddies, know where to go to find these people that have similar interests. A car meet isn’t the best place to find those like-minded truck enthusiasts. The guy that has an import with 10 degrees of negative camber probably won’t care about your Fuel or American Force wheels. 

When you find truck shows in your area, know you’re going to be with other people who have the same passion as you do. A great place to find meets in your area is Facebook. Events are always popping up throughout the summer, and the further south you are, the earlier meets start.

The better, and easier way, to find a meet is to create one. Sounds crazy right? But hosting a truck meet is not as complicated as it sounds. Talk to that girl you met the gas station with lifted Cummins, say “hey” to the dude with the leveled Ranger at the grocery store. Chances are, they’ll love to hangout and talk about trucks.

Meet Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to attending a truck meet, be aware that there are things that are and are NOT accepted.

First off, DO clean your truck. The entire purpose of a meet is to show off your build and talk with others about it, and it’s hard to generate interest when your truck’s caked with mud. Take it down to the car wash and hose it down to remove any mud or dirt. Oh, and clean the undercarriage too, you never know who’ll take a look there.

Next, DON’T be a jerk. While you might want to show off and prove you’re the toughest guy on the block, the whole essence of a meet is to relax, connect with others and talk about trucks, our favorite thing in the world. So keep the engine revving and random burnouts to a minimum and you’ll find yourself invited to more meets and more people coming to yours.

That’s it. Now organize that meet, or join one in your area and have fun.