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Top 5 Mud Tires of 2019

June 6, 2019

Let's face it, you want your truck to stand out and cut through trails like it's nothing... but you also want the decision of picking out tires to be easy. To prevent the stress of having to weigh all the pros and cons of tires, we wanted to make it easier by showing you 5 legendary mud tires with limited cons and plenty of aggression to gain. (Listed in no particular order)

NOTE: None of the tires on this list come with a warranty other than that manufacturer's warranty. This means that the manufacturer will only cover various defects and repairs over a certain amount of time.

Atturo Trail Blade MT

The Trail Blade is a great tire to start off the list because it brings a design that packs an aggressive sidewall and large shoulder blocks, which give you great evacuation when driving in deep mud. Featuring a uniquely wide center section, this tire is a perfect aggressor for your truck. View trucks with the Atturo Trail Blade MT here.

Load Index: 121

Load Range: E

Available Sizes: Diameter 16”-22”, Height 13.5”-54”, Width 7”-21”

Approx Price Point: $700-$1550

RBP Repulsor MT

The RBP Repulsor has large shoulder blocks and an angular center design with a "baja" style sidewall. The aggressive blocks and sidewall help water and mud exit the tire tread with ease. Although the Repulsor measures thinner than the others due to its design, but this doesn't sacrifice the overall effectiveness of the tire. Although RBP may not traditionally be known for tires, they still brought their A-game with the Repulsors. View trucks with the RBP Repulsor here.

Load Index: 128

Load Range: E

Available Sizes: Diameter 15”-26”, Height 13.5”-54”, Width 7”-21”

Approx Price Point: $650-$1600

Nitto Trail Grappler MT

The Trail Grappler is one of the most aggressive tires in the list due to its aggressive sidewall, large shoulder blocks, and unique center design. Due to this aggressive design, the tire measures wider than the others in this category. The Trail Grappler offers 2 different side walls, one side is very aggressive with large, angular blocks. While the other side is more tame with smaller, angular blocks. View trucks with the Nitto Trail Grappler MT here.

Load Index: 114

Load Range: C

Available Sizes: Diameter 15”-26”, Height 13.5”-54”, Width 7”-21”

Approx Price Point: $950-$3700

Federal Couragia MT

The Couragia is the least expensive tire in this category, but they don't sacrifice performance. The Couragia has an unique tread pattern with square-like center blocking and straight cut shoulder blocks. The sidewall is less aggressive than you'd expect by looking at the tread, but it has usefully grippy blocks, and simple design elements. The Couragia serves raw aggression at a competitive price point. View trucks with the Federal Couragia MT here.

Load Index: 127/124

Load Range: E

Available Sizes: Diameter 15”-24”, Height 13.5”-54”, Width 7”-21”

Approx Price Point: $600-$1500

Toyo Open Country MT

The Open Country is the most aggressive tire in this lineup with it's massive shoulder blocks and angular center tread. Made in the States, this tire has a lot to offer with it's aggressive, blocky sidewall and ability to grind through the mud. If you want your truck to look badass while running through the mud with no problem, these tires are truly worth the investment. View trucks with the Toyo Open Country MT here.

Load Index: 114

Load Range: E

Available Sizes: Diameter 15”-24”, Height 13.5”-54”, Width 7”-21”

Approx Price Point: $850-$3300

Remember, this list wasn't in any particular order, but regardless of your pick, you're sure to get what you're looking for. If you want to learn more and see more products, check out more in our store and gallery to see what others are running on your ride.