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Whats The BEST 4 Inch Lift Kit?

February 24, 2019

Similar to our previous video and blog, What’s the BEST 6 Inch Lift Kit, it’s difficult to pinpoint what the best kit truly is for someone because it really depends on how you use your truck. Some daily drive their trucks and some use them for performance and racing, so we can't really say what's the best truly is.

Custom Offsets currently offers 15 brands on our website, but today we’re only going to talk about the top 3 that are dominating the 4” lift kit market. These brands are Rough Country, BDS, and Fabtech. One thing we’ve noticed is that the gap in quality between brands is becoming less and less apparent due to companies becoming larger and larger. They’re all using similar materials and equipment, the biggest differences between the companies now are engineering, some materials, the sources of the materials, what’s included in the kits, and final packaging. 

We’ll kick this off with BDS since they currently offer the most popular top of the line kits on the market. Their kits include numerous upgraded parts, which is something most companies don’t offer. Some of the upgraded parts included are a 3 piece front skid plate, Fox shocks, control arms, and many more items. BDS also offers a 4” coilover kit that is very popular, which isn’t something that we expected. The coilovers will come out of the box the correct ride height, so you don’t have to worry about any adjustments, but you can adjust them if you’d like. 

View more trucks running the 4" BDS lift kit here.

One of the other most popular brands is Rough Country who is going to have the best bang for your buck kits out there. Rough Country has some of the largest offerings in the market, from old trucks to new trucks and everything in-between. Rough Country actually will continue to upgrade their kits for older trucks as they make improvements, so you don’t have to sacrifice any new technology if you have an older rig. Rough Country includes the standard upgrades in their kits, like front diff drops, dropped crossmembers, lift knuckles, and a few other things. 

View more trucks running the 4" Rough Country lift kit here.

The third option is a brand that doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should, but Fabtech is our 3rd most popular 4” lift kit. Fabtech offers a wide range of kits from a “Budget Kit” (their words, not ours), to more high end kits including some extra parts and some other kits in between.

View more trucks running the 4" Fabtech lift kits here.

Regardless of what we think, it really comes down to personal preference, how you use your truck, and what your budget is. There will always be a cheaper option, there’s always going to be something outside of your price range, and there isn’t 1 lift that’s the holy grail compared to the others.