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Whats The BEST 4 Inch Lift Kit?

April 27, 2021


Today we’re going to talk to you about the BEST 4” lift kit for your truck. We’ve already gone over what we think is the best 6” setup, which got people asking about our opinions on the best aftermarket 4” kit so here we are!





Table of Contents

1. So What Is The BEST Lift Kit?

2. BDS Suspension

3. Rough Country

4. Fabtech

5. Final Comments


4-inch Lift


So What Is The BEST Lift Kit?


Diving into what may be the BEST lift kit for your truck is a rather tricky subject. Overall, the best lift kit for anyone depends on both their truck and how they plan on using it. That being said, after thoroughly reviewing the sales data from our website we decided to present you guys with the top three companies that are currently dominating in terms of 4” lift kit sales.


pickup truck F150 Lifted 1


The three companies include Rough CountryBDS, and Fabtech; All three of which make awesome products. 


F150 Lifted 2


The off-road market has become increasingly competitive for those manufacturing aftermarket parts. Many of these companies are also using very similar manufacturing methods so gaps in quality have become noticeably smaller between companies. The major differences in quality come from engineering, material selection, packaging, and what is included with the various kits. 


SHOP suspension


4-inch lift


1. BDS Suspension


Considered to be a top of the line manufacturer when it comes to off the shelf retail customers, currently, BDS Suspensions' most popular 4” lift kit is for the 2014-2018 GMC/Chevy 1500s, yet they do make several 4” kits for a wide range of makes and models.


BDS Logo


The kit for the GMC/Chevy 1500s comes with standard components that you would expect from a company of this caliber including:

  • Dropped Crossmembers
  • Dropped Brackets
  • New Knuckles
  • Full Strut Replacements


BDS Lift


The rear also includes 4” blocks to replace the stock 1.25” blocks. Another awesome feature of this kit is that it comes with a three-piece skid plate to protect the front of your truck when off-roading and you even get the option to upgrade the rear end with a set of Fox racing shocks. BDS also offers a 4” Coilover Kit, which is currently only offered on a limited amount of platforms; However the 4.5” Coilover Kit provides compatibility with a wide range of trucks.


Silverado BDS Close


As with most coilover systems, the primary focus is going to be on the coilovers themselves. BDS’ 4” system involves a partnership with Fox Racing to fit the BDS lift system with a set of pre-tuned Eibach coil springs and an external reservoir for increased oil-cooling capacity. These coilovers come preset from the factory to the correct ride height so there is no adjustment needed. 




Silverado BDS Lift


See more BDS Suspension Lift photos in our gallery!


2. Rough Country


More often than not Rough Country beats the competition when it comes to pricing and there is never any sign that they cut the quality. Compared to most of the other companies in the game, Rough Country also caters to the largest amount of truck platforms when it comes to offering lift kits and suspension products. Whether it be old trucks or new trucks, it seems as though Rough Country has a suspension system for just about anything.


RC Logo


Rough Country’s Standard 4” Kit is definitely one of their more popular kits and they offer it for just about every make and model. The kit includes:

  • Strut Spacers
  • Knuckles
  • Dropped Crossmembers
  • Front Differential Drop Brackets


RC Ram 2


plus a bunch of other basic goodies to get you that four inches of lift. Although this kit is in fact very standard, it’s important to keep in mind that it is also standardly priced to a point that’s not going to break the bank; With most of these Rough Country 4” kits coming in at just around $1000. 




RC Ram


See more Rough Country Lift photos in our gallery!


3. FabTech


One of the companies that definitely does not get as much recognition as it should is FabTech, even though they are currently the third most popular suspension brand on our website. The FabTech 4” Lift Kit for the 2014+ GM trucks is a great value for the money and is definitely comparable to a good amount of the other kits on our site. This kit is labeled as a budget kit by FabTech and falls at a price just north of $700.


FabTech Logo


The kit includes:

  • Strut Spacers
  • Extended Range Ball Joints
  • New Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Block Spacers


Tundra FabTech


Aside from their budget kits, FabTech has a wide range of awesome products with even better price points. It’s also important to point out that even though their pricing is below most of their competitors, these products are quality stuff and built to last. 


shop the fabtech 4" lift


FabTech Tundra


See more FabTech Lift photos in our gallery!


Final Comments


At the end of the day, the BEST lift kit is going to depend on how you plan on using your truck. There are hundreds of different lift systems, all priced at different levels. Whether you plan on daily driving your truck, off-roading the hell out of it, or simply trying to fit some bigger wheels and tires on a budget, there’s going to be a specific lift kit that suits both you, your wallet’s, and your truck’s needs. 


4-inch lift


Have something cool to share? Add your truck to our gallery! What suspension are you running? Let us know in the comments below. And finally, remember that we offer as low as 0% APR financing for those who qualify so you can build now and pay later. 







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