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Top 5 Chrome Wheels of 2019

May 4, 2019

Whether it's a personal choice due to style or a component of your show truck build, chrome wheels have always been a badass look.


Even if the chrome look isn't your thing, each of the options on this list come in a bunch of different colors and sizing (which only further explains why they made it to the top 5). No matter what, if you pick up wheels off this list, then your truck will 100% be the talk of the tailgate!

 (Note: Prices listed are based on 20x12 sizing – the price will change based on size and options.)


#5: The TIS 544C ($1556):

If you got a sense of Deja-vu from seeing these wheels then you might be thinking of the TIS 544Vs. They're the same wheel model, but the only difference is the TIS 544V was a PBD wheel, meaning it wasn't necessarily real chrome (just an added chrome finish). The TIS 544C, however, is real chrome. This never sacrificed on the quality of the wheels, more just an issue with the manufacturer themselves. 

The TIS 544Cs come with a forged, intricate, and directional appearance that would look aggressive either off-road or on a show-truck. 


TIS 544c chrome

Available Sizes16x6.5, 17x8, 20x8, 20x8.25, 20x9, 20x10, 20x12, 22x12, 22x14, 24x12, 24x14, 26x14

Popular Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Dodge Ram 1500, Ram 2500

Approx Price Point: $1400-$2400

#4:RBP 73R Atomic ($1078):

Now, these wheels come at a crazy good deal for their design. The RBP 73R Atomics come with a uniquely rugged traditional multi-spoke design. If you're someone that wants your truck to look flashy but tough, then these are the perfect wheels for you.

It's also important to mention that the Atomics come in a ridiculous amount of sizing options, so they'll work on just about any truck. 


rbp 73r chrome

Available Sizes20x9, 20x10, 20x12, 22x12, 24x14

Popular Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Dodge Ram 1500

Approx Price Point: $900-$1900

#3: Fuel Mavericks ($1872):

If you were to ask me which design was the most versatile on this list, I would tell you the Fuel Mavericks. The Mavericks come with a traditional 8 straight-spoke design and that's what makes them so versatile.


 Depending on your sizing, you can either have the most aggressive wheels for off-roading (18x9) or the best wheels for a custom show-truck(20x12). 


motometal mo962 chrome

Available Sizes17x9, 17x10, 18x8, 18x9, 18x12, 20x8.25, 20x9, 20x10, 20x12, 20x14, 22x9.5, 22x10, 22x12, 22x14, 24x12, 24x14, 24x16

Popular Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150

Approx Price Point: $800-$2700

#2: Moto Metal M0962 ($1952):

Talk about simplicity, that's why so many people love Moto Metal's M0962. Their design is clean, big, thick, blocky, and it just works! This design features a covered cap style (due to it being a dual-drilled wheel) which doesn't sacrifice on quality at all. 


If you want your truck to look simple yet aggressive then this is an investment you won't regret.


motometal mo962 chrome

Available Sizes17x10, 18x9, 18x10, 18x12, 20x9, 20x10, 20x12, 22x10, 22x14, 24x14

Popular Vehicles: Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500

Approx Price Point: $900-$3000

#1: Vision Rocker 412 ($1248):

One word:sexy. The Vision Rocker 412s have a special place in my heart because they're intricately beautiful. Their design took a lot of inspiration from the car-market, which brings your truck an almost 'hybrid' appearance. Whether you call this design multi-stroke or split stroke, there's no doubting that a lot is going on with these wheels.


With exposed lug nuts and a pattern that just draws in the eyes, a set of these wheels is perfect for just about any show-truck. 


Available Sizes18x9, 20x9, 20x12, 22x12, 24x12

Popular Vehicles: Ram 1500, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Approx Price Point: $970-$2000