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10 Truck Fitment Tips!

April 12, 2019

The decision to fit new wheels or tires on to a truck can sound like a lot for someone that may be new to customizing their truck. With all the terminology that gets thrown around, it’s easy to see where a newbie might get confused or either turned away. Here at Custom Offsets, we wanted to make it easy for you and eliminate some potential worries you might have. So, without any more introduction, here are 10 Fitment Tips to make your wheel fitment plans easier.


10. Understand the Numbers Surrounding Fitment:

When it comes to fitment, you’ll likely hear four specific terms.

· Width 

· Offset

· Diameter

· Backspacing

To make it less confusing, focus only on the first two the most, width and offset. Width is simply the distance from one sidewall of a wheel to another. On the other hand, offset is the distance from the hub-mounting surface to the center of the wheel. To learn more about offset and diameter, visit our What is Offset page. Diameter can be important too, but we’ll touch on that later.

9. Perfect Fitment is Different for Everyone:

Plain and simple, your idea of a perfect fit is not going to be the same as your buddy Ron’s idea of a perfect fit. When it comes to wheel fitment on trucks, you’ll either hear tucked in, flush, or stance:

· Tucked in usually appears on hardcore off-roaders. This makes the wheels sit inward to avoid kicking up mud onto the truck when off-roading.

· Flush situates the wheels in line with the wheel wells. This is often seen on daily-driver trucks.

· Stance is only an aesthetic option. With the stance option, your wheels will stick out at distances beyond that of the fender-liner.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Cutting:

Sometimes your new wheel options might not fit perfectly. This isn’t the end of the world… you might have to do some cutting on the fender-liner to allow the tires to sit appropriately. But don’t be afraid of this! It’s completely normal and not a very noticeable alteration to the truck. 

7. Taller Truck = Wider Wheels:

Simply put, if you have a taller truck because of a lift kit then you can utilize wider wheels to accommodate the truck’s appearance.

6. Diameter Doesn’t Matter (sorta):

We talked about diameter a little bit earlier, but it doesn’t matter all that much as a measurement when buying new wheels. Just know that a 20x12 wrapped with a 35 and 12 ½ is going to fit the same as a 22x12 +35 and 12 ½. 


5. Now Diameter Does Matter!!!

But wait… you just told me diameter doesn’t matter, didn’t you? Well, yeah… but for metric tires, it can be important to recognize measurements and make the appropriate conversions for the best fit. To avoid any confusion, Custom Offsets has these convenient calculators that you can use to get the right fit should your tires utilize the metric system. 

4. Understand Local State Laws:

This one can be tricky. Here in Wisconsin, the law states that tires can’t stick out more than 2 inches past the factory body line. It may seem like a lot, but most cops will not care to stop you and measure out something regarding your tires. Although, it might not be so easy to get away with a monster truck on the highway, so just read up on your local laws! 

3. “Well, My Buddy Said!...” 

Just because your best friend Ron runs a specific setup on his Toyota Tacoma doesn’t mean it’s going to work perfectly for your Chevy Silverado. Make sure you research your specific truck and build when checking out fitments. 

2. Use the Custom Offsets Fitment Gallery:

To help you work through those specifics, Custom Offsets has a user-submitted gallery of trucks and fitment customizations to help you find out specific compatibility and options. It’s very easy to customize what you’re looking for. Simply access each drop-down menu and plugin your desired options. Just be careful, the more specific you make it, the fewer results you will generate.

1. Use Custom Offsets!:

Lastly, to make your fitment process easier, just utilize Custom Offsets! We make fitment easy with financing options and a huge collection of anything and everything you might need for your wheels. We created this website with you in mind, so let us make your wheel hunt easy and affordable!