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November 21, 2019

If you like unboxing videos -- and even if you don’t -- you’re going to be in for an awesome surprise here. The good people at Halo Lifts just sent us a taste of their new Aluma 2.0 series. This kit includes an all-new, completely redesigned aluminum body coilover. Give a look as Brad checks it out and rightfully claims that the Halo Lifts truck suspension Aluma 2.0 preview “looks pretty sweet!”

Halo is well known for its 1-3-inch lift kits for Ford F-150 trucks. Their latest product is an all-new aluminum body coilover, completely designed from scratch.

Brad lets it rip!

As in all unboxing videos, first impressions are everything, so let's watch Brad unbox the thing and see how it strikes him.

There are two well-insulated boxes to tear open. When you see this product on our website, assume that it will come with a rear-block kit and some U-bolts that lift the rear of the truck.

The first box contains:

  • the two front coilovers
  • stickers
  • hardware for the lower strut mounts.

These coilovers come pre-set at and adjustable 2.5 inches of lift. The preload adjuster at the top allows you to change the amount of lift you want (up to three inches is what's recommended in stock suspension form due to being limited by the CV axels).

The second box contains:

  • the rear Aluma shocks (and that's shocks only, so we won't have any blocks to show you).

The biggest difference between the old and the new -- as we will show you in a bit -- is the construction.

Halo Lifts Ford F-150s from our Gallery

The biggest difference between the original Aluma and the new 2.0: construction. 

Halo’s old Aluma construction consisted of a steel body with a zinc plating. Now, with the 2.0, we have a complete aluminum body, which is going to help with the heat exchange and any kind of cooling. The heat exchange will allow the shock to cool faster. Nice anodizing on the top-hat knobs!

The coils come from Elka.

Elka makes the coils on Halo’s Aluma 2.0 (the Elka name appears on the springs); this Canadian company is big into Powersports, creating coilovers and shocks for ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and motorcycles for a long time. Only recently have they entered the truck market, and lucky for us. Elka and Halo joined forces to create this new look, and hopefully this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

We’re happy with the look of the springs -- they have a textured finish to them instead of just plain old standard gloss black. 

The coils feature an integrated bump stop. 

The rebuildable rear shocks are all aluminum, with an aluminum top cap. Have fun taking them apart and rebuilding them. Once they start leaking, though, it’s time to move on. 

Note: Aluma 2.0 is for F-150s only. For now. 

No kit for Chevys yet, but we already know that Halo Lifts are super popular with Team F-150. Browse the Halo Lifts Ford F-150s photos gallery.

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