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November 21, 2019

Arkon’s newest offering -- The Roosevelt -- almost passed right by our notice in the warehouse, but Fuller was able to get in front of it and give it a thorough once over. Here, he hops on a quick video and describes a first-look-see at this Arkon Off-Road wheel its features and benefits:

Non-directional wheel

Although Arkon is known for its proper-directional wheels, the company now offers non-directional products like the new Roosevelt. Also added on to the novelty is some “crazy concavity,” as Fuller calls it. It’s full-on. Enjoy. 

Thin spoke design

The spokes vibe extremely thin, thanks to a good effort of multilevel milling. They’re not kidding either; it’s really deep -- the edges are milled right down to the raw material, and then it’s cleared over to achieve that silver/chrome kind of look. 

As the spokes move toward the rim of the wheel, the higher part of the spoke is raised up from the thicker, more structural part. It measures just a few millimeters thick at the end, but that’s what gives the spoke its extra-thin appearance. 

Fuller is digging the detail. The many little mill marks give the wheel more depth and sense of style and design. 

No rivets around the rim

Instead, we get the Arkon name milled in -- very small, but super clean and nice looking. 

Multi-piece cap 

This cap looks relatively small on the six-lug applications. In this video, we’re witnessing the eight-lug; hence its larger appearance. Here, we see a black and mill finish (“very deep looking,” Fuller says), and it also will be offered in chrome (we hear the chrome is superbad -- we’ll let you know when we finally see it, for sure). 

The finish reaches all the way back, which gives it the look of a high-quality paint job. It doesn’t have that hard-ridge appearance lie so many other wheels have. 

Deep Size 

Arkon’s Roosevelt starts at 20x10 and goes all the way to 24x14 (you can see this largest size in this video). 

ARKON OFF ROAD Roosevelt 24x14  81mm | K13124401743

Final verdict: 

Although the wheel design may look a little busier than most, it’s still very clean and ultimately has a simplistic style to it. It catches your eye -- especially its cool concavity -- and gives the impression of it being one of a kind. 

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