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November 21, 2019

Nitto Ridge Grapplers are the most popular tire we sell. And after 20,000 miles of driving them, Fuller is going to tell us why. (With a special appearance by Luna the dog!)

Nitto Ridge Grappler 35x12.5R20LT

Always first comes the burnout test (watch the sizzling video). Of course, the Grapplers handle that to perfection. 

What Makes Nitto Ridge Grapplers #1. Here are out Top 6 Reasons.

The main reason for Grappler popularity: it’s a hybrid tire, which means it’s using the best of both worlds between mud tires and altering tires. The Ridge tire itself is built on an altering platform; most other hybrid tires are built on a mud tire platform. 

1. On-Road Performance

Good, and not too loud. If you yearn to take these tires off-road on the weekends, feel free. 

2. Grip

On dry paved conditions, you get plenty of grip and no issues. The tread compound is hard enough so that you don’t feel unstable. For example, if you are driving on a soft-tread compound, you may experience a “slidey” feeling, especially at higher speeds. With Ridge Grapplers, though, you get rather smooth and stable on-road experiences. This is mostly due to its harder compound and its lack of massive lugs. Still, they’re large enough so that you can take them off road or any low-tracking environment.

3. Lugs

On the edge of the tires, you’ll see that the lugs are even more separated than in the center. When you’re driving on the road, this reduced spacing in the middle portion of the Grappler can also reduce road noise. Of course, as they gain more wear and tear, they’ll get louder, but that’s life. 

4. Warranty and Mileage 

No warranty is offered, but we’ve seen drivers get 50,000 miles or more out of these tires. On our personal vehicles, we’ve had no problems -- they’re good in the dry and in the wet, and work well in the snow. That’s why a good quality hybrid tire is worth the purchase. 

5. Noise

You may pay a little more for that quiet experience, but it’s definitely worth the peace of mind. You can hear Fuller’s phone ding here, but you won’t hear much more than that as far as tire noise. Remember, though, that if you’re driving on a poor-quality road, that may translate to more noise no matter what type of tire you get. 

6. Made in the USA

The tires are American-made, and they last. 

Final verdict: 

A hybrid tire like the Nitto Ridge Grappler is a good performer all around, but it may not be the best performer at one specific task. For instance, you can’t take a tire like this to the drag strip and expect it to run the best time; you can’t take it a mud hole and expect it to seamlessly make it through. However, if you’re the type of driver who likes to wheel on the weekends and then drive to work on Monday morning, then this is the right type of tire for you.