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December 11, 2019

What’s in the box?

This 6.5" Zone Suspension Kit includes a pair of fully boxed heavy duty crossmembers as well as robust iron steering knuckles engineered to work with the redesigned steering of the 2014-2018 Chevy and GM 1500 trucks. A 3-piece differential relocation system is utilized to correct front pinion angle with the center differential brace, tying front and rear crossmembers together for a stronger differential mount. All of this coupled with the differential skid plate and crossmember brace result in an incredibly strong front subframe, designed to correct suspension geometry whilst increasing ground clearance. Shop the 6.5" Zone Suspension Kit.

The Frontend

The focal point of this Zone Suspension Kit is the bolt-on strut spacers that created lift by sitting on top of the strut. This is designed in an effort to retain the factory ride quality and do not require any disassembly of the factory strut. Also included in the kit are a pair of CV spacers, brake line relocation brackets, sway bar relocation brackets, and all the necessary hardware to complete the install.

Do keep in mind that the CV axle spacers will increase the trick width 1-⅝” on both sides of your truck. The dropped crossmember brackets, coupled with a rather massive skid plate keeps everything nice and protected when venturing off the beaten path. Although we’re not particularly fond of the CV angle when the truck is fully drooped on the lift, the angle is much better when the truck is on the ground with the suspension balanced out. 

The Backend

The rear end is pretty straightforward with a 5” spacer block in between the axle and the leaf springs, made possible with a larger U-bolt that Zone provides. Purchasing this suspension kit also gives you a choice of rear nitro shocks (the particular customer featured in our video decided to go with an upgraded Fox setup). Optional add-a-leaf springs are recommended to ensure a front-to-back level ride and for those doing a lot of towing/hauling; However if you’re interested in the squatted look, the add-a-leafs are not necessary. 

6.5" Zone Suspension Trucks from our Gallery

Important Notes about this Suspension Kit

It is important to point out that this kit will not fit models equipped with magnetic ride control, and it does require frame bracket modification and minor welding. Factory 17" and 18" wheels cannot be reinstalled due to tie-rod end interference, and all-wheel drive models will require driveline modifications to ensure a quality installation. Lastly, to reduce the required amount of trimming, 20” wheels with a 5-¾” backspacing are recommended. 

For customers unaware; GM is producing several knuckle/control arm configurations for their 2014-2017 models trucks. Please note that cast-steel control arm equipped models will require the "Cast Steel Control Arm" kit, whilst stamped-steel and aluminum control arm equipped models will require the “Aluminum Control Arm” kit. Be sure to verify which factory control arms your truck is equipped with before ordering your kit (you can do so by referencing our fitment chart on the product page for 4WD 6.5" Zone Lift and 2WD 6.5" Zone Lift.

Final Remarks on the Zone 6.5" Lift Kit

Overall this kit is pretty standard and has a price to match, however for an entry level kit you can’t really go wrong with this setup. As with all Zone Products, this 6.5" lift kit for the new 2014-2017 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you’re interested in this kit, maybe some wheels and tires to go with it, or any other products that you think would look good on your truck then don’t hesitate shop Zone Offroad Products online at Custom Offsets!