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The 5 MYTHS About Wheel Spacers

August 6, 2018

- Oh hey, didn't see you there, Fuller again with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. These are the five myths about spacers. So the first myth about spacers, is people say they're gonna help fitment, and some people say they're gonna hurt fitment. Well, both people are right, depending on your situation. So if you have a Toyota with a really high positive offset, you put a larger tire on there, now it's rubbing on your control arm, you do need a spacer, that's going to help push that wheel outta there and then it won't rub. Now you've got a Chevy with square wheel wells, put a two inch spacer on your 12 wide, and now your tire's gonna smash in to your fender on the outside. So depending on your application, a spacer could help or hurt your fitment. So myth number two is that eBay is just fine. Well, let me show you, this is an eBay spacer, that is not hub centric, and all the lug studs got sheared off. This is a bore spacer, it is hub centric, and it's made of T-60-61 aluminum, so it's really high quality and your wheels won't fall off. The third myth about spacers is that you can just slap these bad boys on and run, well, that's not always the case, because in some situations, if your stud is longer than the spacer you're putting on, you won't be able to get that wheel to seat flush in there. Now, in a lot of cases that means you're gonna have to trim the studs on your stock vehicles, so you can get this on, bury the first nut in here, and then bolt your wheel up. So if you want to know what size spacer you can get away with, without doing any trimming, all you have to do is measure. So if you measure your studs and they're an inch and a half, just order inch and 3/4 spacer, and then you don't have to do any trimming. The myth number four is that math is hard, and what do I mean by that, is people write in and they ask, if my front tires stick out two inches further than my back tires, what size spacer do I need? The answer's really simple, it's only two inches. Now to find out how far that is sticking out, you need to just take a straight edge, go to your fender and then measure out to where the edge of your wheel is. If it sticks out two inches further than the back, like I said, just put yourself a two inch spacer in the rear and then you're all flushed up. So myth number five is that you're going to die, which I guess is true, eventually you will, but it won't be from spacers if you do it the right way. So again, it's all about the quality. We only sell bora spacers for a reason. The eBay spacers are not going to work for you. The other thing is, you have to install them properly, which means on a 1500, you're gonna torque the spacer to the hub at 120 foot pounds, and then the wheel to the spacer at 105 to 110, then come back and re-torque that at about 500 miles, to 120 foot pounds. On the 2500s, you're gonna torque that spacer to the hub at 140 foot pounds, the wheel to the spacer at 120, and re-torque again at 500 miles to 140 foot pounds. I know that's a lot of numbers, but trust me, it's worth it, replay it, watch it again. Stay safe, don't let your wheels fall off. Buy quality spacers. So that about wraps up our five things we do. Thanks very much you guys for watching. Make sure to like us, whether you're on Facebook or YouTube, and subscribe on YouTube, we're just about outta here, but if you wanna see something else, let me know, peace!
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