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The 5 MYTHS About Wheel Spacers

September 8, 2020

A lot of people come to us with questions about spacers. We are here to crush all the myths and give you the facts. 

1. Helps/ Hurts Fitment


Many think that spacers will either help or hurt the fitment of your vehicle. Both of these can be true depending on your vehicle and spacer choice. So each build is not the same and whether it will help or hurt will vary. For example, if you have a Toyota with a very positive offset, when you put your tire on there it will rub against the control arm, and you will need a spacer. It will help to push that wheel out of there so it won't rub. If you have a Chevy with square wheel wells and you put a 2-inch spacer on your 12 wide, and you will smash it into your fender on the outside. 


2. eBay is Fine...?

An eBay spacer can be dicey and misleading. They may not be hub-centric and the lug studs can get sheared off. We only use BORA spacers because they are a great reliable option. BORA spacers will always be hub-centric and made of T6061 Aluminum so they are very high quality and your wheels won't fall off!

3. Stud Trimming, ... Not Just My Hair


Some think that you can just toss on some wheels spacers and go, easy as pie. Sometimes this is not the case though. In some situations, the stud may be longer than the spacer you are putting on and you won't get the wheel to seat flush in there. This means you may have to trim the studs on your stock vehicle. If you want to avoid trimming all you need to do is measure the studs on your stock vehicle. If the stud is an inch and a half, just get an inch and three-quarters spacer. 


4. Math is Hard

People get very confused about what size to get for their vehicles. They will write to us and say that their front tire is two inches wider than their back tire, what size spacer should they get for example. The answer is very easy, get a two-inch spacer. To find out how far the wheels are sticking out take a straight-edge up from the wheel and measure from the fender to the straight edge and the difference between the two (front and back) and that will be the size spacer to get so that you can be flushed. 


5. You're Going to Die

Though I mean eventually technically this is true... It won't be from spacers. Just make sure to put them on correctly. Quality is key, as stated earlier we recommend BORA and we sell them here


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