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7-9” MCGAUGHY LIFTS for 2014-2018 CHEVY/GMC 1500

December 16, 2019

McGaughy’s 7-9” Standard Kit 

Finished in semi-gloss black, McGaughy’s standard 7-9” suspension kit comes without the stainless steel rivet bling that is commonly seen on many of their other products; However besides this the standard kit shares most of the same exact components as their other kits. This standard McGaughys suspension kit is a true 7” drop kit, allowing for roughly 7-¾” of drop for lower control arms, coupled with the adjustability to 9” allows for solid angles on both CV axles and tie rods. The kit is 100% bolt on without any rerouting of the exhaust or cutting/grinding of the front or rear differential.

The kit can be purchased in our truck suspension store and includes:

  • Front Economy Crossmember Drop
  • Rear Economy Crossmember Drop
  • 7-9" Adjustable Front Struts
  • Front Lift Spindles
  • Round Tube Compression Struts w/Bushings
  • Differential Drops
  • Compression Strut Brackets
  • Sway Bar Drops
  • Sway Bar Extenders
  • Outer Tie Rods
  • Front Brake Line Bracket Extenders
  • Aluminum CV Axle Spacers
  • Lift Blocks
  • Rear Shocks
  • U-Bolts w/Hardware

McGaughys 7-9

7" and 9" Options

McGaughy’s designed this kit to ride level front to rear at 7” with optional add-a-leafs to ensure a level ride when running the kit at 9”. The bread and butter of the kit comes from the adjustable struts, which include a pre-load adjuster as well as machined slots to ensure full adjustability from 7-9”. Brand new tie rod ends are also included so there is no need to cut the factory ones.

The kit shown on our Youtube channel also has the optional McGaughy’s upper control arms which are recommended when running the kit at 9” as they incorporate clocked ball joints, allowing for a neutral ball point position when running the extra 2”. The only thing that is not noted in the instructions is a minimal clearance cut of the front differential bottom end to allow for the front crossmember to comfortably fit. 

McGaughy Lifts From Our Gallery

Wheels & Fitment

Wheel and fitment considerations to keep in mind when purchasing this kit include a minimal wheel diameter of 17”x8” and minimal backspacing of 4-⅝”. Stock wheels will fit with the included wheel spacers. Running this kit at 7-8” will allow for clearance of 20x9, 20x10, and 20x12 truck wheels with 0mm to -24mm offsets on 35” tires. Running this kit at 9” will allow for clearance of 20x12 and 20x14 wheels with 0mm to -44mm on 35” tires. Expect some trimming or maybe even a body lift but running this truck suspension kit at 9” will also allow for clearance of 20x9 and 20x10 wheels on 37” tires.

Track Width Changes

Adjusted to 7” this kit will have little to no track width change. Adjusted to 8” this kit will have minimal track width change at roughly .25-.5” per side. Lastly, adjusted to 9” this kit will have .75-1” track width change per side. 

Notes From the Team

Optional add-ons for this kit include: Upper Control Arms (sold separately), Traction Bars (sold separately), Upgraded Boxed Compression Struts (sold separately), Rear Add-a-Leaf (sold separately). If you are adjusting this kit to 8" or 9", you will need the Rear Add-a-Leaf (sold separately) and/or Rear Lift Hanger (sold separately), to bring the rear of vehicle level with the front. If running this kit at the 9" position, we highly recommend using Upper Control Arms (sold separately) to help with bump stop clearance issues. All other info and fitment specs can be found on the parts page.