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December 12, 2019

In October of this year, ARKON OFF-ROAD released their newest wheel - the Crown Series Triumph. For those who don’t know, ARKON is a new wheel manufacturer created by the Custom Offsets and SD Wheel teams in the summer of 2018. 

ARKON OFF-ROAD combines the largest media team in the wheel industry and one of the biggest truck wheel distributors in the nation. Together, the ARKON team is focusing on designing and manufacturing aggressive, high quality, innovative, and mostly proper directional wheels that will set the bar higher than it’s ever been in the wheel industry.

The Crown Series lineup is ARKON’s most elite wheel, one level above the brand’s typical cast truck wheels. Unlike the brand’s other wheel though, the Triumph is not proper directional. 

ARKON created the Triumph in response to the many people who do not like the style or function of directional wheels. ARKON understands the power of customer feedback, and the Triumph is the team’s response to wheel aficionados' desire to diversify the lineup. 

The Wheels' Finish & Look

In any case, the Crown Series Triumph looks better than almost any wheel on the market today. The Triumph is a clean and minimalistic wheel with a satin black finish, a new finish from ARKON that will soon be offered with their other wheels. 

The wheel has a gloss black ring, gloss black K, satin center cap, and polished hardware on the outside of the wheel. The black satin finish with the gloss black ring gives the wheel a high-end look that looks awesome and clean. The non directional wheels can be customized in many ways. 

Most ARKON wheels have a lot of verbiage in the center cap. With the Crown Series Triumph, ARKON kept it clean with just the K on the center cap. The center cap has two screws on the back, so you can take the K out and get it painted or wrapped in any color of your choosing. You can order the wheel in chrome or satin black with either a gloss black or a chrome K on the center cap.

The Triumph is an 8-lug wheel with a pretty large center cap. The cast wheel has a very forged appearance with a very flat face and minimal milling. 

The ARKON OFF-ROAD Crown Series Triumph Comes in Your Preferred Size

The wheel comes in 4 different sizes: 20x10, 20x12, 22x12, and 24x14. The Triumph is a beautiful and sleek wheel, and the wheel will look just as good in the 20x10 as they will in the larger 24x14 size. The 20x10 wheels are perfect for an off-road setup and the 24x14 wheels are great for a show truck look. 

ARKON is committed to crafting the best wheels for your off-roading vehicle, and we can hardly be more excited with how the ARKON Crown Series Triumph came out. You can find a fantastic selection of ARKON Crown Series and other truck wheels here. The price of the wheels include mounting, balancing, and free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. The wheel come with ARKON’s full manufacturer's warranty.