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5 MYTHS About Lift Kits. Is it worth it?

September 4, 2020

Here are 5 myths about lift kits. 


1. What is the Difference Between a Lift Kit and a Leveling Kit?




A lift kit has more components that will replace your factory components to lift the vehicle up, as well as a block usually in the rear to lift it up. A leveling kit will just lift the front of the vehicle up and reutilize your stock components. Trucks have a factory rake, meaning that the back is automatically higher than the front, which is why a level only lifts up the front. To level it out. 




2. What Goes Up, Can't Come Down




The myth is that you can put your truck back to stock once you lift it. This is not true, however. When you lift a truck it requires a lot of cutting, sone you do this modification and take the stock parts out, they can't really go back in and go back to stock. Unless you want to weld a few things, which would ruin the structural integrity. 


Lifted Truck


3. Will I Void My Warranty?


lift kit


When you buy a lift kit a lot of people think that this will void the warranty of their vehicle. Companies like BDS have a team of lawyers on staff ready to fight this for you. There is a law that states that you cant void a warranty due to aftermarket parts. 




4. Imma Jump Dis B*tch




Many tend to think that you can get a lift kit and then you can go run the Baja 1,000. This is a myth because even though lift kits will allow you to fit a larger wheel and tire, and will give you more ground clearance, but not all lift kits are made equally. Some are strictly for show and literally will lift the truck to fit those show wheels and tires and lift it up. Others are made for off-road purposes, those will come with complete coilovers and reservoir shocks and those ones will be more suitable for you. 




5. Blowing Ball Joints




There is a myth that once you get a lift kit that you will be going through ball joints all the time, with new trucks this isn't necessarily the case. With new trucks, you don't really have to worry about this at all. With an old truck this could be an issue but having big wheels and tires is what normally will cause the problems, not the lift kit itself. If you have an older vehicle, when you get a lift kit chances are you're going to have to get some maintenance done when it's installed anyways. 


lifted truck


6. BONUS: Body Lifts


lifted truck


Our bonus for you is about body lifts. Our only advice is: just don't, they aren't good for anything. That's it. 


Lifted Truck


See more examples of lift and leveling kits here in our gallery





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