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December 19, 2019

Junior and Fuller are checking out the four coolest Rams at SEMA (and one truck that may as well be a Ram). At this year’s show, Ram has brought along 14 personalized rides, all on display at a specialized exhibit. Come along and see that’s floating the boys’ boat, and why. 

#1. Bodyguard Bumpers

This brand-new, right-off-the-lot truck is HUGE, with king coilovers on its front and rear. The lift may be 20 inches, but we’re actually thinking more like 24-plus. To prove it, Fuller stands in front of it and can barely reach the mirrors. Its American Force wheels measure 44 x 1650. As far as mud trucks go, here we see the biggest tire available for a 30-inch wheel. The color is intriguing too: kind of a blue and teal. Nice! On our website, SUPERLIFT Suspension Kits can be purchased with King Coilovers.

#2. “Go Prepared. Lucky Gunner Garage”

Okay, this is not really a Ram -- it doesn’t even look like one -- but it has a 12-valve in it, so we’re counting it in. What we’re seeing here pretty much is an armored car, but wickedly so. You could drive this baby through the Middle East, no problem. It’s extremely massive and super-rugged, yet the first-and-second-gen mirrors somehow add to its machismo. 

#3. "Any Level Lift" full-hydraulic lift kit Ram

Yep, another one of those fifth-gen RAMs, but they just make this list. This one is absolutely monster (at least in the front). It’s the first Ram with a full hydraulic lift kit, which can go from about an inch below stock to about 14-inches above stock. It’s no sweat to fit 42-inch tires on this and have them leveled or lowered, while raising this Ram wannabe to about 14-inches of lift. The wheels are made by KG1 Forged, which is a brand new wheel company, just launched that week at SEMA (that company was formed by former employees of another big wheel company). 

Says Fuller about the wheels: “It’s pretty sick, I gotta say.” We’re loving this brand-new truck with brand-new everything: suspension, wheels and tires. 

“This is why I love SEMA,” says Junior. We’re going to have to agree. 

#4. RAM 3500

This is another fifth-gen RAM (sorry not sorry), and Fuller is starting to feel like he’s being redundant with his comments about these trucks being massive. But they are. Here we have 30 x 18 TIS wheels with 42 x 16 Furies, so you do the math. It’s a new size so be prepared at it towering over everything else. Full clearance: no problem. The hydraulic shocks go up and down, already adding to the 20 inches of lift kit. Also included; painted axles and painted driveline. Even the headlights are custom made. Red accents throughout the vehicle add to its glamour and coolness. 

#5. Metallic-finish fifth gen

Yet another fifth-gen, but let’s face it, they’re doing amazing things to these brand-new trucks and they all look so damn good. This one sports 28-inch American Force Wheels and then 44s. The light really brings out the metallic finish, and it’s suddenly easier to notice the gold highlights and metallic flake. It features a caramel-colored interior, which flows nicely from the inside to the outside. We’re especially digging the Road Armour bumpers.

Here, Junior says something Fuller never thought Junior would ever say: “Ram, you’ve found a place in my heart.”