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Coilovers Vs. Lift Kits

January 5, 2021

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Are you wondering "Are Coilover Lifts Worth the Money"? This may help you decide if coilovers are the right choice for your lifted truck.





Table of Contents

1. Are Coilover Lifts Worth The Money

2. Lift & Coilovers. What's The Difference? 

3. Non-Coilover Lifts

4. Coilover Lifts

5. In Conclusion


Are Coilover Lifts Worth The Money?


There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to a suspension lift system. A common question we hear is “Are coilovers worth the price?” or “Are coilovers worth the money?”. If you are seeking the ultimate in handling and performance then you will want to check out the Coilover kits we offer here. However, if you are simply seeking a higher riding truck for the best value, a standard lift system using the factory suspension setup is likely a better choice for you.


16 2016 Sierra 2500 Hd Gmc Stryker Offroad Lifted 12in Specialty Forged Sf 041 Polished


If you want to keep the factory magnetite or magnetic ride control in your lifted truck, you’ll want to use a compatible standard lift kit. The OE manufacturers spend lots of time developing those high-tech suspension systems and often you can achieve better ride quality out of a standard lift on those vehicles. But, if you want the ultimate in performance or the ability to adjust your ride characteristics on the fly, Coilovers will be the choice for you.






Lifts & Coilovers - What’s The Difference?


A question as old as time whenever someone enters the realm of off-road suspensions - what is the difference between standard lift kits and those with Coilover systems? If you're not well versed in the various types of suspensions then this may be somewhat of a head-scratcher, however, fear not!




As the guys here at Custom Offsets are here to distinguish what sets the two apart; With the most important thing to keep in mind is that these two are really in different categories of off-road suspension. To get more into depth regarding this topic, we decided to pinpoint the differences between lift kits WITH coilovers and lift kits WITHOUT coilovers to give you guys at home a better understanding of what's what. 




Non-Coilover Lifts


Standard lift kits are comprised of multiple components that, when installed, lift the overall height of your vehicle. These setups are a great option for those looking to simply get some added height out of their vehicle for better ground clearance or to fit bigger tires. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle lifts can be achieved in a range of different ways.

The most common method of lifting is done using a strut spacer that is designed to sit on top of the factory struts for the desired amount of lift. Combined with an array of other components (relocation and drop brackets, etc.) strut spacers are a very straightforward way to lift your vehicle.


Non-Coilover Lift


Another common type of lift kit involves a complete strut replacement kit, which shares many of the same components as a strut spacer kit without the spacer itself. Whether it be for daily driving or a general use trail rig, lift kits are a simple and easy solution to lifting your vehicle for both stronger off-road performance and a bigger/tougher demeanor.




shop suspension


Coilover Lifts


In its simplest form, a Coilover is simply a shock with a spring around it. What separates a Coilover from a strut is the fact that coilovers are adjustable which allows for a wide range of adjustability including ride height, preload, spring rate, dampening, etc. One of the most common misconceptions, when people look into buying coilovers, is that they’ll be achieving the softest and smoothest ride that money can buy, which is not always the case.




Most coilovers are designed with performance in mind, which transfers into tight and composed handling which is exactly how to lift kit coilovers will ride. Ultimately the ride of the coilovers will depend on how they are constructed internally; For example on dampening adjustable coilovers, the ability to soften up the dampening allows you to soften or stiffen the coilovers for on-road or off-road use.




In Conclusion


Ultimately the cost of coilovers is what deters most consumers away from purchasing them, however, the additional engineering, technology, and components that come along with a coil-over kit are what drives that final price up; Compared to traditional lift kits that often reuse stock parts to simply get the desired lift height at a minimal cost for all parties involved.




Overall coilovers are performance-oriented which usually translates into more dollars, yet if you’re a serious off-roader who plans on maximizing off-road capability and long-term performance, then coilovers are likely the best fit for your vehicle. If you’re interested in more information on coilovers then check out our video review of the Rough Country Vertex Coilover System below.

If you're still not sure what is right for you, head to our gallery and see what others are running. And if you have any questions let us know in the comments below. 

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