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Can I Remove my Lift Kit and Go Back to Stock?

August 25, 2021

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It's common to wonder "Can I remove my lift kit and go back to stock?" Sometimes it's for resale purposes because it is said that lifting your truck loses its value, or maybe you just want to switch up your build and remove the lift kit.  So the million-dollar question is...can you? Also, how would you do it?





Table of Contents

1. What is a Non-Crossmember Lift Kit?

2. What is a Crossmember Lift Kit?

3. Leveled Truck


2012 FORD F-150 TIS 544bm wheels Nitto trail grappler tires rough country suspension


What is a Non-Crossmemeber Lift Kit?


A cross-member is a structural part of the main structure of the truck. It is a steel structural section that is bolted to the underside of the truck to support the engine and or transmission. A cross-member is important to the truck's suspension because, in order to have proper handling, the body panels need to be in alignment and the frame needs to have the load strength and torsional strength. 


Ford F-250 ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels


In order to get a kit where you do not need new cross-members; that limits you to about 3-4 inches at most for a lift, and you need to be careful when you are purchasing your lift kit to make sure you get the correct one. The only option for a kit that requires no cutting (besides a leveling kit) is the ReadyLift SST lift kit. If you're worried about ride quality with this kit, we want you to know ReadyLift puts a lot of attention toward quality control during phases from engineering to testing to make sure they're creating a product that serves a great look, ride quality, and performance.


2019 RAM 1500 CLASSIC Method MR305 wheels Federal Xplora tires rough country suspension


If the aftermarket lift kit installed on your vehicle and does not use new cross-members then converting back to stock is as simple as removing the lift components and reinstalling the stock components.




2017 Toyota Tacoma Fuel Maverick wheels BFGoodrick tires Fabtech suspension




What is a Crossmember Lift Kit?


Things get more difficult when it comes to lift kits with new cross-members. These lift kits most likely use a front differential drop and the factory frame had to be cut in order to make room for the front differential to be lowered down. In these instances, the cut pieces would need to be welded back on if you wanted to return back to stock. Be aware that when you remove a suspension lift kit, your truck will need to be realigned after the removal process is completely done. 


2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 ARKON OFF-ROAD Caesar wheels Fury offroad country hunter tires


Most people do not retain their stock section of frame which was removed, AND although possible, it would not be recommended to weld it in place for safety reasons. Please note the new crossmember kits only apply to IFS (Independent Front Suspension) 4x4 trucks.


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2018 chevy silverado 1500 ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln wheels AMP mud terrain attack tires BDS Suspension




Can I Remove a Leveling Kit?


If you own a leveled truck, you can return it to stock easily. You just need to remove the leveling kit, easy peasy. 


2010 DODGE RAM 1500 Fuel Vapor wheels Bilstein leveling kit


This does not apply to “Level-Lifts” or any other kit which includes drop crossmembers. BUT! In many cases, if you have a 6” lift installed, you can go down to a 4’ OR, upgrade to a different lift kit/coilover conversion, OR go even larger! SO there are options, just not necessarily going back to stock. 


2005 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 HD Klutch Offroad wheels


If you want some more information on removing a lift kit to install something else, check out the video that we linked above. 


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2012 Ford F150 ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels



Can I Remove My Lift Kit?

So, the answer is it's possible. It depends on what kind of aftermarket suspension you've added to your build and what kind of cutting was done to install it. Removing a leveling kit is a lot less hassle than attempting to remove a lift kit. Depending one what sort of lift kit you purchased, odds are the cutting needed to install it has made returning to your stock from not an option. If you've been considering returning to stock or at least lowering down to refresh the look of your truck and get something new, there are a couple other easy ways to do that too.  One common way to change up your build's look is upgrading to some new wheels or tires. To make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we offer wheel and tire packages designed to save you money and show up at your in as little as 7 days with free mounting, balancing, and shipping. If you want to build now and pay later, you can make easy monthly payments on your upgrades through our partnership with Affirm. 







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