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4" BDS LIFT Kit Ford F-150 Review 09-13

January 12, 2020

BDS Suspensions

On this rendition of Lifts & Levels we decided to take a look at the BDS 4” suspension system for the 2009-2013 Ford F-150. Known throughout the industry for their supreme quality, BDS is one of the best in the business when it comes to off-road suspension systems. BDS Suspension was started in 1996 by a group of enthusiasts who felt it was about time to create a suspension company that truly had the best interest of the off road consumer as its foundation.


Since then the company has exploded in popularity due to their awesome products and pro-customer mentality. Diving into both the installation and finished product, this 4” BDS lift kit is definitely worth the money for those in the market for a new suspension system for their F-150.

BDS Suspension Logo2013 Ford F-150 with 4

System Components

This full cross member system is packed with a range of different components, all designed and manufactured by BDS to ensure that their distinguished quality is maintained throughout the system. (BDS Suspension 4" Suspension Lift Kit - Ford F-150 4WD - first image AND BDS Suspension 4" Suspension Lift Kit - 2010-13 F-150 Raptor - second image)

Buy BDS 4


System Component List

Overall the system includes the following components:


The CNC machined steering knuckles are a BDS signature product that allows for the stock steering geometry to be maintained with the added four inches of lift. The front and rear lower control-arm crossmembers and sway-bar drop brackets also contribute to maintaining the stock geometry as they allow their respective suspension components to operate at OE height.


The front differential drop brackets that come with the kit allow for proper CV axle angles to be maintained with the added lift, something that is crucial for long term performance when lifting a truck. Even at full droop the CV axle angle is minimal due to the drop bracket design.


Unique to Fords is the driveshaft joint setup, which BDS has compensated with the addition of an aluminum spacer. For the rear-end BDS opted to go with full aluminum spacer blocks to sit atop the leaf springs, this should promote longevity and prevent rust as opposed to iron or steel.


Lastly the kit not only comes with brake line relocation brackets, which should be considered when lifting vehicles more than two inches, but also comes with a full set of stainless steel brake lines. 

Final Comments on the BDS 4" Lift Kit for Ford F-150 2009 - 2013 model years

Overall this is another awesome suspension system from BDS with no shortage of design or production quality. For those in search of a new suspension system or simply looking to lift their 2009-2013 F-150 be sure to checkout this system, along with all the other sweet BDS Suspension on our website! Browse our photo gallery here of 2013 Ford F150s with BDS lift kits.