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9” ReadyLift Kit Review

January 15, 2020

What’s All The Hype About?

Today we’re here to talk about the all new ReadyLift 9” suspension kit for the 2014-2018 GM 1500s, an awesome kit that we have personally fallen in love with here at Custom Offsets. Not only is this another sweet product from the guys over at ReadyLift, but it is currently one of the few options on the market for getting a proper nine inches of lift out of this respective GM platform. That being said, even though this is one of the only options on the market there is definitely no lack of build quality when it comes to this kit. Jumping right into this 9" ReadyLift suspension setup, we're so excited about this product that we decided to throw you guys the top five things that we believe make this kit so sweet. 

ReadyLift suspensions logo

Top 5 Things about the ReadyLift 9" Suspension

  1. Due to the unique bottom-strut spacer this kit is compatible with the GM magneride, making it simple and easy to maintain OE geometry without having to worry about long-term performance. The top-strut spacer is also tapered to ensure that all angles are correct and suited for quality performance. 
  2. Next up regarding the great features of this setup is the fact that it enables you to maintain the factory turning radius of your truck without having to stress about cutting or rubbing. Track width is minimally increased by only .5”, so rear spacers won’t be an issue compared to other kits that increase track width well over an inch. 
  3. Generally speaking 9” lifts are unheard of right now for this particular generation of GM platform. Unless you plan on stacking together multiple lift kits, ReadyLift is one of your best options when it comes to throwing this level of lift on a 2014-2018 GM 1500. 
  4. Fourth on our list of features is the implementation of ReadyLift’s new TCT bushings (Turning Control Technology) that allow the bushings of this kit to be maintenance free considering that they pivot internally, preventing outside wear, combined with the freshly designed side-butter washers to extend longevity. 
  5. Last but not least, arguably the best part about this lift kit is the fact that it is in fact a 9” kit which allows for much bigger tire setups than most of the current offerings on the market - meaning you can finally fit some big boy tires in the silly square wheel-wells of these GMs!

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So What’s In The ReadyLift 9-inch Kit?

So what’s included in this 9” suspension kit for GM Trucks you might ask? Well below is the list of provided components for this kit, along with some added details on what went into the design and important things to note with this awesome ReadyLift product.


Overall we strongly believe that this is currently the best option on the market when it comes to lifting your 2014-2018 GM 1500 a proper nine inches. If you're looking to run some 37's on your truck and want to avoid the added stress that typically comes with installing bigger lifts/tires (rubbing, fitment, geometry, turning radius, etc.) then buckle down and check out this awesome plug-and-play suspension setup by ReadyLift at CustomWheelOffset.com!