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4 MORE Truck Wheels UNDER $1000

February 15, 2020

That's right! We're back with ANOTHER list of the 4 truck wheels under $1000!

You guys seem to love this topic so we thought we'd make a part two and show off the next 4 wheels! All of the wheels that we will be referencing will be a 20x12 -44 offset. We picked this size based on the number of people in our gallery who run this size. The 20x12 -44 is by far our most popular wheel size!

Let's get right into it!

1. Vision Rocker

Vision RockerVision Rocker RAM

So you can actually get the Vision Rocker in a -51 offset which is awesome! This gives the wheel a bigger lip than the -44 offset and definitely makes the wheel look more aggressive.

The Rocker is a split five-spoke design that kind of resembles a mesh style wheel. This is cool because it brings a little bit of the car scene styling into the truck scene.

This wheel also features exposed lug nuts which makes it perfect for running spiked lugs, if you're into that.

The Vision Rocker is available in Black, Gray Black, and Chrome and comes in 5, 6, and 8 lug configurations making it available for a wide variety of trucks.

A 20x12 -51 offset Vision Rocker is priced right around $900 for a set.

2. DWG DW13

DWG DW13DWG DW13 Tundra

DWG has been bringing out some pretty cool wheels at a really good pricepoint lately. The DW13 is no exception.

This wheel has a sort of twisted multispoke design so it is not a proper directional wheel. This means that one side is going to look different than the other when mounted on your truck but this is definitely the best way to get the twisted look for under $1000!

The DWG DW13 currently only comes in a black finish and is priced right around $800 for a set which is an absolute steal!

3. Vision Cannibal

Vision CannibalVision Cannibal Sierra

We love this wheel! 

The Vision Cannibal is black and features a machined face and milled accents along the spokes. This gives it a very aggressive styling that we adore. The spokes are flat and seem to almost mimic the look of a forged wheel without having to pay the price for one.

The Cannibal comes in a black or a silver finish and you can expect to find a set for right around $800.

4. Toxic Punisher

Toxic PunisherToxic Punisher Silverado

The wheels we will be referencing will be 20x12 with a -51 offset. This spec gives the wheel a nice solid lip so it's perfect for the stance look. 

This wheel also features that split, mesh-style look like we talked about earlier which we love to see and has exposed lug nuts.

The Toxic Punisher comes in a Black, Gray, or Black Machined finish and comes in a 5 and 6 lug pattern. 

Pricing for the Punisher comes in right around $800 but hurry up and grab yours because these wheels tend to go on backorder!

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed another 4 wheels under $1000. Keep in mind that we offer wheel and tire setups that include free mounting, balancing, and shipping right to your door. All you have to do is pick the set you like and we'll do the rest!

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