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Top 5 Wheel and Tire Packages Under $2000

May 11, 2020

So you want to give your ride a new look without breaking the bank?

We love to save money too! So let's jump into the best wheel and tire packages for under $2000!


1. 20x12 -44 Moto Metal MO970 with 33x12.5 Atturo Trail Blade XT 

20x12 Moto Metal MO970Atturo Trailblade XT

So we've talked about the Moto Metal MO970 a lot in the past because it has been one of our most popular wheels to date.

These wheels look great and they are everywhere our gallery.

We pair these up with the Atturo Trail Blade XT.

Atturo is one of the more cost effective brands that we offer.

They had some negative feedback when they first came into the game but what we love about them is that they listen to their customers and have since fixed their issues!

The Trail Blade XT is a hybrid tire.

This will allow you to have an aggressive look, like a mud tire, but still have a comfortable ride on the road.

Moto Metal SilveradoAtturo Trail Blade XT Silverado



2. 20x10 -25 Ultra Hunter with 275/60 Nitto Ridge Grappler

20x10 Ultra Hunter 203Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Ultra Hunter is extremely popular and the 10 wide is the widest variant they offer

This wheel is known for it's lip looking wider than it actually is.

So if you're not a fan of a lot of wheel poke but still want a large lip, the Ultra Hunter will be perfect for you.

We are so excited to be able to add the Nitto Ridge Grappler to this list.

The Ridge Grappler is an extremely popular tire and it's a higher end tire which is exciting to throw on this list.

This is also a hybrid tire so it will give you an aggressive look while being able to perform decent in various conditions.

Ultra Hunter SilveradoNitto Ridge Grappler Silverado



3. 20x12 -44 Hostile Sprocket Satin Black with 33x12.5 Federal Couragia MT 

20x12 Hostile SprocketFederal Couragia MT

Hostile is a pretty high-end wheel brand so it can be hard to grab a wheel and tire package with a set of their wheels for under $2000.

We love the look of these wheels, especially in satin black.

The Federal Couragia is a true mud tire and it is super popular thanks to its low cost and extremely aggressive look.

Being that these are a mud tire, they will be loud on the road but their offroad capabilities will definitely outweigh that point.

These are an extremely affordable mud tire that we absolutely love!

RAM Hostile SprocketRam Federal Couragia MT



4. 20x10 -25 ARKON Lincoln with 35x12.5 Kanati Mud Hog

ARKON LincolnKanati Mud Hog

The ARKON Lincoln has been one of the hottest wheels for show trucks lately.

These are true directional wheels also, which can be hard to get in this budget.

As far as the Kanati Mud Hog goes, you may not have heard of these before.

The Mud Hogs are designed overseas and we primarily picked them for their design.

Typically people that are buying the Lincolns want their tires to look good more than last a long time.

This way you save some money on tires and can run some of the hottest wheels today!




5. 22x12 -51 Vision Rocker with 33x12.5 Comforser CF3000 

Vision RockerComforser CF3000

The Vision Rocker features a mesh style design. This setup will give you more wheel and less tire.

This is essentially setup for a more street style look.

The Comforser CF3000 is a lot like the Mud Hog where it's a budget-friendly overseas made tire that performs decently on the road.

Typically, you wouldn't use this setup offroad anyways.

This setup is sure to give you that street look for the budget you're looking for!

Vision Rocker Silverado

This has been our Top 5 Wheel and Tire Packages Under $2000. We hope you enjoyed!