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How to Build Your Truck on a Budget

May 21, 2020

Our passion is expensive. We get it.

But sometimes you know you want to have a lifted truck with nice wheels to show off.

Today, we're going to talk about how you can build your truck on a budget.


1. Suspension


We want to start with suspension first because the type of suspension you have will determine what wheel and tire setup you can run.

If you want to save the most money, you can run a leveling kit.

This won't give your truck much lift, however. So you may be limited on wheel and tire choices.


Otherwise, Rough Country has a 6-inch lift kit starting at around $1000.

We know that $1000 isn't exactly cheap, however in a market where you have lift kits costing over $5000 at times, the Rough Country lift is a bargain.

They also offer a Coilover lift kit for around $2100 if you're wanting a more advanced system and have some more money to play with.

A lot of our staff have used Rough Country lifts and have no complaints about quality.


Silverado Leveling KitF150 6 Inch Lift


2. Wheels


So for this section, we'll use 20x12 as a baseline for wheel sizing. Obviously, pricing will vary based on the size of the wheel but we feel that the 20x12 is a good size that gets you that show quality look without breaking the bank.

There are actually quite a few companies out there that have a set of wheels in this size for under $1000.

XD and RBP are some of the brands that fit this criterion.


XD Wheels TacomaRBP Silverado


3. Tires


So tires have a wide variety of prices.

For a tire that will fit a 20x12, you can look at something like a Venom Power tire. These usually come in at around $800 a set which is an awesome price!

Tires can be expensive though too. Some Fury tires can cost as much as $4000 a set!

So when looking at getting a decent set of tires for under $1000. The Venoms are actually a steal.


Lifted Cateye SilveradoLifted Cateye Silverado



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