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What Fits My 14-19 Toyota Tundra

August 21, 2020

So you own a 2014-2019 Toyota Tundra and it's finally time to put some wheels and tires on it! But how do you know what's going to fit? You could spend a few hours browsing forums to find fitment specs.


You could stick around and take a look at our very simple guide where we show you exactly what is going to fit! We're going to talk about what fits a Tundra with a leveling kit, a 3-inch lift kit, and a 6-inch lift kit!


1. Leveling Kit


If your Tundra currently has a leveling kit installed, what we commonly see for these trucks is a 20x9 wheel with a 295/60 tire. This will give you that nice, meaty setup to match the slight lift that your Tundra now has. In this example, we see that the Tundra looks aggressive enough to turn heads but subtle enough to not be so in-your-face. This setup would be perfect for someone who wants to make their daily driver stand out a little more without being too over the top.


Toyota Tundra Leveling KitToyota Tundra Leveling Kit


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2. 3 Inch Suspension Lift


Next is a 3-inch suspension lift. We chose the 3-inch lift as opposed to a 4 inch simply because Tundra owners tend to run a 3 inch more than a 4. This will only give you about an inch more lift than the leveling kit so again, not too over the top but will give you a noticeable size difference. What we typically see on the Tundra is a 20x9 wheel with a 305/55 tire. The bigger lift means that you can fit a larger tire to complete the look and not make your Tundra seem like it skipped leg day.


Toyota Tundra 3 inch liftToyota Tundra 3 inch lift




3. 6 Inch Suspension Lift


If you're more of the type of person that wants to be noticed and likes to have a flashy or extremely aggressive look, this one is for you. 6-inch lifts will get you that big jump in size and completely transform the look and feel of your Tundra. The Tundras that are running a 6-inch lift typically switch to a negative offset wheel to give them a stance/show look and we typically see a 20x12 -44 with a 35x12.5 tire. As you can see by the truck below, the 6-inch lift will make your Tundra an absolute beast!


Toyota Tundra 6 inch liftToyota Tundra 6 inch lift




Wrap Up


We hope this helped you decide what wheel and tire setup you want for your 14-19 Toyota Tundra.

If you want to see what these setups look like, head over to our gallery where you can find the exact sizes that other people with your truck are using and find out if they needed to do any trimming or other modification to fit the sizes you're looking for!



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