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The New Toyo Open Country AT3!

March 3, 2020

Well it's finally here!

We've come to love the Toyo Open Country AT II and while it will continue to be a great tire, there's a new kid in town.

Today, let's take a look at one of the first examples of the all new Toyo Open Country AT III!


1. Tread

Open Country AT3

Right of the bat we see that Toyo did away with the large tread voids in the center of the tire that we found on the AT II.


Instead, they made the tread blocks into a sort of S-pattern.


This is great because there is still a good amount of tread hitting the ground and there is less gaps between the blocks which will result in less road noise.


We also see a huge amount of siping on these tires which will be great for snow driving!


2. Sidewall

Toyo Open Country AT3

The AT III is also showing a more aggressive sidewall than the previous tire.


There are small blocks that stick out on the side wall, giving it that more aggressive look.


The AT III also features two different sidewall designs which seems to be becoming more and more popular.


3. Wrap Up

Open Country AT3

We have not had a chance to test this tire since they are brand new.

Overall, the new Toyo Open Country AT III is a huge step forward for Toyo's AT lineup.

This tire will allow you to have the same all-terrain performance that you love, but give you a more aggressive look than ever before!

If you want a daily-drivable yet aggressive tire, then the AT III will definitely meet your expectations!