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What Fits My 5th Gen ram?

May 5, 2020

So you own a 2019+ Ram and it's finally time to put some wheels and tires on it!

But how do you know what's going to fit?

You could spend a few hours browsing forums to find fitment specs.


You could stick around and take a look at our very simple guide where we show you exactly what is going to fit!

We're going to talk about what fits your new Ram with a leveling kit, a 3.5-inch lift kit, and a 6-inch lift kit!

Keep in mind that we are only talking about the standard suspension for the Ram, not the air suspension equipped models.

1. Leveling Kit

If your Ram currently has a leveling kit installed, then you should be able to fit a 20x10 wheel with 33x12.5 tires.

2019 Ram Leveling Kit2019 Ram Leveling Kit

2. 3.5 Inch Suspension Lift

If you went with a 3.5-inch lift kit on your new Ram, you can fit a 20x12 with a 35x12.5 tire.

This will require a little plastic trimming but very minor. With more modification, you could run a bigger setup.

Ram 3.5 Inch Lift KitRam 3.5 Inch Lift Kit

3. 6 Inch Suspension Lift

For the  6 inch lift, you can run 10 wide wheels with 37's.

This is the most common setup for a 6-inch lift which we found odd at first.

Ram owners run a 10 wide on a 6-inch that way they can fit a 37x13.5 tire.

This will require some minor plastic trimming as well but not much.

Ram 6 Inch LiftRam 6-Inch Lift Kit

Wrap Up

We hope this helped you decide what wheel and tire setup you want for your 5th Gen Ram.

If you want to see what these setups look like, head over to our gallery where you can find the exact sizes that other people with your truck are using and find out if they needed to do any trimming or other modification to fit the sizes you're looking for!