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Venom Power Terra Hunter XT Review

April 23, 2020

You probably haven't heard the name Venom Power before.

That's okay because today we're going to tell you about one tire they produce that we think is one of the most underrated tires currently on the market today!


1. Design

Venom Power Terra Hunter XT

The Venom Power Terra Hunter XT is a hybrid tire. This means that the center blocks are a lot closer together than a mud tire which will help with road noise. The Terra Hunter has more wide spread blocks towards the outside. This allows the tire to get more grip in harder terrain such as mud.

We got a chance to try the Terra Hunter out in the snow. Our thoughts: it's not bad, but has room for improvement. If Venom Power added a little bit more siping, we feel it would be fantastic. Road noise is pretty quiet. You don't really start to hear any humming until right around 35 miles per hour.

Another thing we like about the Terra Hunter XT is how aggressive the sidewall is. A lot of hybrid tires seem to fall short in this department. Most of the time the sidewall is not aggressive enough to match the tread. That's not the case here, however.

Venom Power Terra Hunter XT

2. Sizing

The sizing for the Venom Power Terra Hunter XT are as follows:

  • 33x12.5 R17 LT
  • 33x12.5 R18 LT
  • 33x12.5 R22 LT
  • 35x12.5 R20 LT
  • 35x12.5 R22 LT
  • 37x13.5 R22 LT


3. Price

This is our favorite part about the Terra Hunter XT! Pricing for this tire can be as low as $900 a set! That is an incredible bang for your buck.

Venom Power Terra Hunter XT

4. Wrap Up

Just because you may not have heard of Venom Power, doesn't mean you should pass this tire up! The Terra Hunter XT is a great looking and performing hybrid tire. Best of all, the can be less than $1000 a set!