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About Us

April 16, 2020

Custom Offsets


You've heard our name and watched our videos, but who are we?


Like many of you, we are custom ride and custom wheel fanatics.

Since I bought my first car at 16 years old, I have been scraping up every nickel to put the best wheels on my ride. Whether it was my 1991 Chevy S10 with American Racing Hammer wheels or my Cadillac CTS fitted with Vossen VVS CV3 metallic graphite 20x10s. I have always believed that the personality of a car or truck lived in the fitment and stance created by a perfect fitting wheel.


Quickly, I learned that there was no one place to find wheel offset information. Through a lifetime of reading forums and spec pages, I have finally come to understand offset measurement and backspacing of wheels. Trouble is, even knowing the numbers doesn’t tell you how a 20×10 wheel with a +25 ET will look on the rear of a 2009 Cadillac CTS sedan with AWD, let alone if you can run staggered and what is the largest you can cram on the front without trimming the plastic or rolling the fenders on your precious Caddy!

-Shawn Chartier, President, and Founder


Our Mission


Our Team will live and breathe custom vehicles and wheel fitment, by being passionate leaders in the custom car and truck culture. This will never be a JOB. We will inspire each other, we will live the enthusiast's lifestyle.


Our Vision


Lead the wheel fitment revolution on a badass LIFE journey!


Our Core Values


Be willing to teach.

Be willing to learn.

Appreciate and Celebrate.

Show respect, No secrets.

Be your biggest fan!



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