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Top 5 DIY Truck Projects

May 21, 2020

Recon Lighting


First up on our list are Recon headlights and tail lights. This is a simple mod that can be done in your driveway usually with basic tools you have in your house. The Recon lights can completely change the way your truck looks and make it stand out from every other truck on the road. Swapping out those old cherry-red halogen tail lights for some black LEDs can make a world of difference in the way your truck looks. Swap out the headlights and you can usually see a difference in light output as well as appearance.


Recon LightsRecon Lights




This one is pretty simple but doing things like changing your air filter or doing an oil change are basic things that will help your truck while keeping you busy during these boring times at home. If you have a lifted truck, you might enjoy changing the oil even more since the filter and drain plug may be easier to access. You can indulge in your passion while doing something that will help your truck keep running.


Lifted TacomaLifted Tacoma


Small Performance Mods


When we say small, we mean things like an axle-back exhaust or maybe adding a cold air intake. These small mods won't do much to boost horsepower numbers but they will make your truck sound better and the intake will look pretty cool under the hood. Down the road, if you decide to start doing more performance modifications, these small mods can definitely help boost your numbers when it comes time to tune. You may also see a slight bump in MPG if you can keep your foot off of the floor for a while.


Lifted GMC 2500Lifted GMC 2500


Bed Accessories


Next are bed accessories. We carry a few different tonneau covers for your truck and a lot of them are very easy to install. Whether you prefer roll-up or folding, tonneau covers provide extra protection for your bed and its cargo plus they can give your truck a pretty sleek look. Some of the hard shell folding tonneau covers can even be wrapped or painted to match your truck if you wish. These allow for more customization and protection for your truck and a lot of them can be installed at home.


Lifted 2018 F150Lifted F150


Lug Nuts


Last but not least, you can swap out those boring old lug nuts for a set of spiked lugs. These add a whole new level of aggression to your truck and they have been unbelievably popular lately. A set of ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels pair very well with spiked lug nuts since the wheels are an aggressive, show-style wheel. Plus, they're usually pretty expensive and can easily be swapped in your driveway.


Lifted RamLifted Ram



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